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National Flag

The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Fort Domination

Fort Domination, the capital city of Tyramon, is a true fort. On one side of the city are mountains, and on the other are rocky, rough plains. The environment is dry and sandy, almost desert-like, and slightly toxic and radioactive. However, there is a river that runs through the city from the mountains, by the palace, through certain parts of town, and to the plains. It starts out relatively clean, but by the time it exits the city it is effectively sewage, as what little plumbing systems exist all dump into the river throughout the city, along with industrial and military wastes. In terms of lethality, swimming in it is comparable to being shot, perhaps worse.

The city is surrounded by a wall, a wall that looks sort of like the Great Wall of China except modernized to be stronger, outfitted with machine guns and AA guns, surrounded by a minefield, etc. (There are no mines on the several roads leading into the city.) There are also smaller walls that divide up the city into sections. Another large wall surrounds the palace and government buildings located at the far end of the city. The palace is half built into mountains for safety, along with certain government buildings. It is also known that there is something of a military base built inside the mountain. A fort within a fort.

The city is similar in style to cities in Africa and the Middle East, with slums on the outskirts and some nicer, richer buildings and factories closer to the river and especially by the palace.

The walls have an opening at the river, allowing ships to go through, although it is heavily secured, with all ships being inspected prior to entry. There is a naval station where the wall meets the river, and another, smaller one where the river runs by the palace. The palace one has some smaller naval vessels, but there is an aircraft carrier and some battleships at the wall one.