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National Flag

The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Military Vehicles, etc.


War Yacht-a yacht-sized vessel with a medium-sized helipad, generally with an attack helicopter; equipped with 2 AA guns and numerous heavy machine guns; can also be used as a small troop carrier (maybe 50 troops, fitting tightly) with space for a small tank/armored car for small landing operations

Troop Carrier- 3 AA guns and space for 150 troops, or, more often, 100 troops and a small tank or 50 troops and 2 tanks; several machine guns, especially near the front/deployment area; various models allow for front, side, and back deployment doors; some models are slightly amphibious for better beach landings

various battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines etc.

Aircraft Carrier -generic aircraft carrier

Heavy Aircraft Carrier-allows for landing larger planes, 3x as long and 2x as wide (at widest) as a normal aircraft carrier, but can land fewer-but-larger planes

Superfortress-class cruiser-the largest naval war vessel in Tyramon (a little larger than 5 standard aircraft carriers and twice as tall), currently only one in existence (the Bloodwave, with a second, the Red Tsunami, under construction); has interior hangars for submarines, water-landing cargo/troop planes, and an indoor closeable landing strip for jetfighters; several helipads, numerous AA guns, ship-ship and ship-land guns, heavy and light machine guns, and large cargo areas; serves as a mobile base of command in times of war



Air force


Space program

>>Satellite weaponry

Duster (I and II)-class satellite
equipped with various space-space and space-air missiles

>Duster III-class satellite
satellite designed specifically to engage Aerlanican space and air vessels; equipped with fast and accurate energy beam weapons that can penetrate the atmosphere

Devastation (I and II)-class satellite
equipped with space-ground and space-sea missiles and is larger with more firepower than Duster-class

>Devastation III-class satellite
fires an energy beam at the ground rather than missiles; equipped with anti-missile laser defense system; takes several minutes to charge up; blast less powerful than even the earliest nuclear weapons; only three prototypes were ever built and only one was deployed, as the Devastation III was only ever intended to test the technology rather than to be a truly effective weapon

>Devastation IV-class satellite
basically the Devastation III, but actually quite powerful; has more defenses, faster charging, and a maximum blast power on par with the largest of nuclear weapons of the 20th century


Oppressor-class Carrier (Unitary Space Carrier)
cloaked flying space-capable carrier vessel, designed to carry troops and weapons near a battle area undetected
-length: 800m
-first use in battle: taking of a PLAT military base under Vara's command, resulting in the taking of said base and the capture of Jonathan Blinds
-special attributes: cloaked

Invader-class Troopship
relatively simple ship designed to carry large amounts of forces for ongoing invasions
-capacity mode 1: 8 SADs
-capacity mode 2: 14 LADs

Standard Assault Dropship (S.A.D.) (Unitary Space Lander)
generally deployed from Space Carriers to bring troops and weapons from the Carrier into battle; it is also cloaked and can carry two tanks and some troops
-capacity mode 1: 1 tank, 100 soldiers
-capacity mode 2: 2 tanks, 50 soldiers
-capacity mode 3: 150 soldiers
-first use in battle: taking of a PLAT military base under Vara's command, resulting in the taking of said base and the capture of Jonathan Blinds
-special attributes: cloaked

>Light Assault Dropship (L.A.D.) (Demiunitary Space Lander)
same as Unitary Space Lander, but smaller
-capacity mode 1: 1 tank, 25 soldiers
-capacity mode 2: 75 soldiers
-special attributes: cloaked

Hornet-9 (H9) (Unitary Space Starfighter)
fighter craft, capable of being equipped as a bomber or for dogfighting
-length: 20m

Viper-class Corvette (Unitary Space Corvette)
standard attack craft specializing in small targets
-length: 150m
-crew: ~45

Unitary Space Frigate
standard multi-purpose craft
-length: 150m-550m

Wolf-class Destroyer (Unitary Space Destroyer)
standard attack craft in space
-length: 450m

Unitary Space Cruiser
smallest flagship for a fleet; stronger and more damaging than a destroyer and oriented against other ships but not fighters
-length: 700m

Unitary Space Battlecruiser
a rarer ship, meant for chasing and obliterating smaller, weaker targets; fast and maneuverable for its size
-length: 850m

Annihilator-class Battleship (Unitary Space Battleship)
heavy hitting with powerful armor and shielding; can effectively fight large ships and engage in orbital bombardments; generally the flagship of a larger fleet
-length: 3400m

>Daukus-class Frigate
small frigate for diplomatic, espionage, and other peaceful roles; utilitarian with only simple embellishments for style; weaponry was all but nonexistent, sporting a few light cannons that would be all but useless against anything larger than a starfighter; equipped with powerful scanning and communication equipment, fast engines, and decent shielding
-length: ~150m
-first use: transport of Ambassador Tefa to negotiations with the Primaeri
-special attributes: minimal armament; powerful scanning and communication; fast

-The "unitary" thing is so that I can make similar classes of different sizes and just use prefixes to describe the difference, metric or otherwise.
-For transport purposes, 1 tank takes the same space as 50 human soldiers or 100 robotic soldiers