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The Paradise on Earth of Treciene


Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Hegemony

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Priestan III of Treciene

Priestan III
His Majesty, the Empror of Treciene

Priestan III

--------Priestan in the Imperiala after a conference with Karkezokhian leaders, 2007

Emperor of Treciene


– His Majesty, His Maximus
– King, Emperor


April 27, 2000 - Present Day


April 27, 2000
Palacean Imperiala, Crowntelevon, Treciene


June 28, 1963
Hakashie, Torenixam


Ailee Kuchtere


Zacharie, Prince of Estriole
Leukas, Prince of Zaphahaust

Full Name

Priestan Mulkhule Rotyaw Xiaocao




Emperor Bolishi IV


Empress Niyama of Palkon


The Royal University in Crowntelevon
Cum Laude, Degree in Politics and Engineering


Military Service




Service Branch

Trecienese Imperial Armed Forces - Air Division

Years of Service

November 2, 1984 - August 27, 1995


Major General

Emperor Priestan III (Priestan Mulhule Rotyaw Xiaocao, Born June 28, 1963) is the King-Emperor of Treciene and its Territories. He is the son of former king Bolishi IV and queen Niyama of Palkon. He has served in this position since his father died in 2000 from complications of the Zika virus. Ever since Priestan has ruled this country freely, and his citizens are proud.

Born in Hakashie, Treciene, Priestan was an avid learner in his early life. He then became very popular for looking fabulous where ever he went. In 1984, at the age of 21, Priestan enlisted in the Trecienese Imperial Armed Forces in its air division, the first crown prince ever to attend. After his father's death in 2000, he became emperor. His coronation was held in the Crowning Royale Imperiala, and he was the first emperor to have his coronation held there. After that, he led his empire to success, doing things like expanding the government, opening embassies everywhere, and become leading in scientific advancement.








Early Life

Born in Hakashie, Torenixam while his father was on a religious mission, Priestan III was raised in that place until at 4 months, the mission ended.
He was then raised in Cartrezaie Castle in Crowntelevon. In 1965, a car crash happened, where the Vizier at the time, Yachtek Goquan was killed. King Bolishi, Priestan, and a pregnant Queen Niyama were injured. 3 months later, they recovered. But then in 1966, Priestan's brother, Prince Xyrove, was born. They got along very quickly.

Later, at the age of 5 in 1968, Priestan sent to the School for the Royal and Noble. Over there, he was a great student, earning all 100s in just his first school year. He was interested in politics and engineering and brought these topics to his residence, which caused a lot of trouble. At these years, Priestan was having the time of his life, especially with Prince Xyrove at his side.

As a teenager, Priestan was still doing good in class. But tragedy struck him when his uncle, King Mounkho IV, was Assassinated by a Fascist. (When he became king, he ordered for the assassin, known as Petruv Katla's arrest.) He was depressed about this mess.


Political Views
Priestan III is a liberal. He likes a similarity to freedoms of the First Amendment of the American Constitution. He does not go to war unless he is forced to. He hopes that the world will be free.
Religious Views





The king likes to go out and do lots of things. His favorite hobbies however, are bowling, fishing, and meeting with the civilians of Treciene. He tries to compete in challenges, where he comes with the anonymous name "Wevich Wolkatan". But people know that it is him.