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The Paradise on Earth of Treciene


Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Hegemony

Location: Treciene



Treciene’s Economy

The Economy of Treciene

Currency: Trecienese Hocrote (THT, ]-[)
1.00 THT = 2.00 USD
GDP: $8.758 trillion (2020)
GDP per capita: $315.700 (2020)
Natural Resources: Everything
Imports: Everything
Exports: Everything
Trading Partners: Everyone
The Economy of Treciene is one of the most thriving economies in the world. It is highly developed and mostly ran on industries. But in the old days, it was not all that well. In 1877, the time of Democracy Addition, the economy of Treciene was worst the worst of them all. The currency was dirt from the floor. It was hard to sell things. People were not happy. The addition of democracy only made the economy worse, until the Matchaiwan Kingdom offered some help, adding the new Trecienese currency, the Hocrote. Though the metals were unaffordable, the Trecienese did not have to pay. This increased the economy a lot, and though there was a recession throughout the early 1960s due to the Trecienese Civil War, the economy was great, and now Treciene opens trade to everyone for anything.