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National Flag

The Totalitarian State of The New North American Union

“Hail Victory” Empress Athena Autumn

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Superpower

Location: Pax Americana



Empress Athena

Empress Athena is the leader of the NNAU, She is the God of War in Human form. She has the capabilitys to destroy an entire planet without even breaking a sweat. She is usualy very kind to her people, but harsh to everyone else. She loves war (Which makes sense) And is willing to do anything to keep her people safe and happy.

She is completely willing to mass murder anyone and everyone who stands in her way and her nations way.

When enraged she has a tendency to grow to 35,000 ft tall and crush her enemy's, literaly. She loves animals of all kinds.

She mass searches the Union for terrorists by [Redacted] and eliminates them by [Redacted].

She (Like her country) can be selfish and will fight for there own intrests and economic intrests.

No one knows where the extreme criminals go after there meeting with the Empress.