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The Totalitarian State of The New North American Union

“Hail Victory” Empress Athena Autumn

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Regional Influence: Superpower

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From Republic to Junta

When the Union was young she maintained the course of the American Government, A two party state and of a massive nation. But the division only continued to grow as time went on, slowly but surly the division worsend and they poured to much into defense and other things like paying themselves, eventualy the Military High Command couldnt take it anymore and marched on Washington. All politicians were killed, and the Military took true power and declared nationwide martial law to restabilize the country.

Now the American Caesar as President, and America's Titans of War marching as the rest of the Government the country is united and stable. Though Martial Law is indefinite in the country and the society is extremly patriotic and due to the propaganda flooding out of Washington they are in mass support of the Government.