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The Republic of The Democratic Republic of Nytoa

“The Sun Never Sets on Nytoa!”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Unproven

Location: The North Pacific



Mason Phillips

Mason Phillips is the president of Nytoa he has currently won 5 terms serving for 20 years now 60 he has had a long history
Born in 1983 in downtown Atrea he lived a uneventful childhood he went to University of Atrea he started his political career in 2007 becoming a well know political speaker he became mayor of Atrea in 2013 he was elected mayor and became a senator in 2023 he was very famous and ran for the Centrist party he was the underdog in the polls he was the least popular of the 3 main parties however one of the opposition left leaving the party leaderless 1 week before the vote a huge controversy revealed that the opposition was a killer so during the election he won a majority he became a huge success.