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National Flag

The Republic of The Democratic Republic of Nytoa

“The Sun Never Sets on Nytoa!”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Unproven

Location: The North Pacific



Gold Sea Constitution

1. All Nations in the gold sea must abide by this
2. All Nations are welcome with the following exceptions
I. Nations are required not to repeal basic human rights because of trivial factors such as
II. Nations cannot use intentionally killing civilians as a threat an example is below
Acceptable: Nation 1: We invade
Nation 2: Nation 2 warns Nation 1 not to invade because it may kill innocent civilians
Not acceptable
Nation 1: We invade
Nation 2: Nation 2 threatens to kill 50k civilians is Nation one invades
III Nations cannot practice slavery
IV Nations Must have a minimum wage of 10 NSD per hour or less
3. Nations have one vote on a movement (New Flag new map president etc.)
4. A Nations vote may be taken away if they engage in trivial wars IE invasions
5. The president of the Gold Sea is currently just a honour (die to change very soon)