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National Flag

The Republic of The Democratic Republic of Nytoa

“The Sun Never Sets on Nytoa!”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Unproven

Location: The North Pacific



The Nytoan elite units (WIP) (SIC)

Inferno units: Some of the best trained units there are around 800 of them they have and advanced type of armour that looks like medieval metal armour however it makes the user around and have a machine gun with around 200 ammo a few of these can so some series damage
Elite air force: The best air force pilots using the best planes really there's not much more to say

Spec ops: used to do jobs to specialized for the military some of the most elite in the military

Cyber units: The most elite Hackers take down electricity and sabotage anything digital

Stalker units: The most elite units having to perform 4 years of training they use a special armour that makes the wearer pretty much invisible The armour has standard goggles that allow them to see others however when the wearer is killed the goggles will stop functioning so that it cannot be reproduced.

Sievat Units: Some of the most elite Sievat units are Scuba Divers in modified underwater armour, and carry weapons designed to work underwater. Their most famous mission was when during WW2 a group of 4 Sievat units sank the Hakido a Japanese aircraft carrier. No Sievat soldiers were even injured and the carrier sunk killing 1,678 people Including an Admiral. In Nytoan Sievat mean Seas Terror.