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The Republic of The Democratic Republic of Nytoa

“The Sun Never Sets on Nytoa!”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Unproven

Location: The North Pacific



The Nytoan empire (237 BC-1834) (WIP)

Part one: 1379 BC The first people settled on the island of Atrea not much is known about there culture or history as they didn't have a writing system however pictures from the time suggest that there civilization was destroyed by a earthquake this is also supported by the fact that many other islands experienced a huge earthquake and many Tsunamis in 237 BC The Nytoans first settled on the island of Atrea They conquered many small other islands it then conquered the island of Versil A big island around twice the size of Britain they had to fight many locals it also took a lot of land in the Rafil islands a series of 35 large islands near Nytoa. The Nytoan republic still controls 14 of the Rafil islands The others are unclaimed by other nations in 120 BC the Etornius revolt happened it was foiled ater a 3 year long war killing around 500 people after the revolt the Nytoan military created it's first naval ship
Part 2: In 178 AD the Nytoan empire sent a ship out to the Yertonius islands this is where they found the first people outside of their islands following a 25 year long war Which Nytoa won and around 3,000 people were killed However the entire Nytoan fleet was sunk a more advanced fleet was made (as the original fleet was pretty much a pile of timber) in 1278 The Nytoan empire was prosperous having found hundreds of other civilizations to trade with