Spotlight on:

National Flag

The Burlesque Republic of The Centauri

“What do you want you Moon-Faced Assassin of Joy?”

Category: Compulsory Consumerist State
Civil Rights:
Very Good
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: Babylon 5



Life in Many Regions

The Centauri have resided in many regions over the years.

Early on, their home in 2003 was B5Tech, a Sci Fi themed region that was heavily influenced by Babylon 5. The roleplayed war between the Centauri and the Narn, to increase slumping region activity, instead caused a lot of turmoil in the region. Things began to unravel and people moved on.

The next home for the Centauri was the Rejected Realms, where along with Snaaaake, they jousted with spammers and over the top recruiters on the region board. After a while, the Centauri moved through a series of regions (including Hell), before settling with Wysteria in 2005, to compete in the world census market reports of the Grendels.