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“urth: no u cant colonise this! me: haha musket go boom”

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Location: The East Pacific



The Kirib (Currency).

The Kirib is a multi-national influential currency which spans across The East Pacific. It is used as the currency of:
Staynes (origin), South Staynes, Caltharus, Axdel, Spoontuis and Justelvard.
The Kirib has origins dating back to King Gustav I, and historical documentation of the first phase Kirib, in 450 AKMD (1 year after the death of his father), which was originally the Morstaybishlian Kiribin, and shortened by Gustav I to the Morstaybishlian Kirib in 457 AKMD.
It was later changed to the Staynish Kirib around the time the nation was renamed from (ancient) Morstaybishlia to Staynes, and changed around 100 years before the Great War according to which nation it was from, for example: Justelvard Kirib; from Justelvard.

There is 10 values of the Kirib, from smallest to largest:

This is the lowest value of the Kirib, and also the most commonly used. Used mainly for change.

This is the second lowest value of the Kirib. Also extremely common. It's enough to buy The Staynes Journal. Used mainly for change.

This is the third lowest value of the Kirib. It's mainly used alongside other Kiribs to pay for commodities of the value of ♅4 or higher. Most commonly used for bus travel. On average, 7 out of 10 Staynish citizens will convey a ♅3 on a daily basis. Used mainly for change.

This is the fourth lowest value of the Kirib. Used by about 6/10 of the Stanynish population. This is enough to buy a large breakfast and many groceries.

A common sight at the counter, used for many shopping items of more expense.

Also a common sight at the counter. Not used as frequently as the ♅10. Enough to buy a septenary worth of the rare Hobsti Rose.

Not such a common sight as other Kiribs. Used mainly in business and wages.

A rare sight. Mainly used in business and finance.

Very sporadic value of the Kirib. Discontinued and brought back twice. Used in banking and high end sales only.

Common to only the wealthiest of people. An average of only 1 in 250 people will see this note in their lifetime, as it's usually kept within banks or vaults.

Discontinued Kiribs:

Discontinued after the Auroran Imperial War. Used for banking and high end sales.

Used by only the wealthiest of the wealthiest. Discontinued after the Auroran Imperial War after the 12 year market collapse which resulted in a very minute population of Staynish Billionaires.