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History of Ruling Monarchs (Unfinished but completely re-written!)

Monarch History

Let me make this clear before I talk about the monarchy. The Staynish year system is written as BKMD, which stands for Before King Makuh's Death, and after his death is marked AKMD (After King Makuh's Death). So the current year in Staynes, is the equivalent of the current year in real time.

Language identification:
The terms "Shi'Murai" and "Shia'Murai" is the word of Ancient Staynish that refers to chiefs of tribes in ancient Morstaybishlia. "Shi" means male whilst "Shia" means female. Murai is chief.
The name Morstaybishlia is Ancient-Staynish translation for Staynes. Morstaybishlia is the land that Staynes, South-Staynes and parts of Ethalria, Caltharus and Axdel originate from.
Sani Bursil is the capital of Morstaybishlia, and replaced by Fort Staynes for around 300 years up until recently (43 years ago), as Fort Staynes suffered terrible terrorist attacks.

Pronunciation guide A-Z (For most words that I made up):


This fact-book details the monarch history by rule, and a short/long biography about them, depending on what they did:

Zek Makuh "The Father" ~ King Pip
Unknown - 59 (estimate) BKMD
Zek, although not a King, a Shi'Murai of the Jubliak tribe who married the Shia'Murai of the Qinlak tribe. It is known that his parents were Shi'Murai of the Jubliak tribe and Shia'Murai of Bursil. He had 4 children, all of which had some connection with the Morstaybishlian Monarchy, Caltharus Monarchy, Ethalria Matriarchy and other monarchy. The most known is Pip Makuh, who is the first son, followed by Rek Makuh, who's the second son and ancestor to Prince Rek X of the Principality island of Rek, (unknown) and Cil Makuh, who is the ancestor to King Von. He died in a battle saving his son Pip Makuh, who later became King. The exact date of this is unknown but believed to be around 59 BKMD and about 45 years of age, but this is not confirmed.

King Pip "The Gallant" ~ King Slek
88 BKMD - 1 AKMD
Ruled: 53 BKM - 1 AKMD
King Pip or lesser known as Pip Makuh marks the first person to rule as King of Morstaybishlia. Pip was a chief of the Jubliak Tribe in his early years whom in his power brought unity to the 7 northern tribes into the ancient nation. Surviving tribes of these 7 are Horkalo, Avelo, Qinlak and Jubliak. He is most notable as the Shi'Murai who defeated the Empire of Tuke in the south with a mere 50 men outnumbered 20 men to 1. The battle, named "The Stand of Fifty" is to date the finest example of early-military prowess, which has surviving documentation records held in the National Staynish History Vault. Within the battle, the King lost 23 men and suffered personal losses, such as half of his right hand which included his middle, ring and little finger, as suggested by a stone carving of the King estimated to have been made around a year after the battle.
He was the father to 2 children with his wife Sharil Venvis, named after his uncles; Slek Makuh and Jub Makuh. Unfortunately Jub died at age 4 from exposure whilst travelling to Qinliak from the ancient Jubliak City with his mother.
The cause of Pip's death is unknown, although surviving written sources suggest his final moments lie in his deathbed writhing in pain.

King Slek "The Gentle" ~ King Slev I
48 BKMD - 12 AKMD
Ruled from: 1 AKMD - 12 AKMD
King Slek or Slek Makuh, was raised primarily by his father as a result of loosing his mother at around the ages of 18-19, which gave him strength to unify more tribes. By the age of 20 he brought in two smaller tribes to Morstaybishlia which in modern day, both would be located in Redrugil. He was known as being a kind hearted figure of tall stature, with a lifesize surviving stone statue indicating his height around 6ft 1in, which loomed over the estimated average height of 5ft 5in.
He was the father to 4 chidren with his wife Kwven Muribe, Slev I, Slone, Mori and Jenci. Kwven Muribe along with Slone and Mori were all captured and never to be seen again from a Western Barbarian ambush, which Slone and Mori were both 11 years old. For 3 years, Slek was distraught, but decided to stay with it. However when a scout returned from the West, the reality that Kwven was killed, and the twins had been used as "bedroom maids" and harboured many children of high ranking Western Barbarians, brainwashed to live their new Jingoistic lifestyle, he broke down into tears, with absolute refusal to come out of his bedroom for 17 days until shortly afterwards, killed himself with poison at aged 60. The day before his suicide, he appointed Slev Makuh as King Slev I.

King Slev I Makuh "The Youthful" ~ King Redrugus I
3 BKM - 21 AKMD
Ruled: 12 AKMD - 21 AKMD
As known at the time as King Slev or Slev Makuh the Young, was deprived of his mother at 2 years old and his father at 15, at the same time becoming King of Morstaybishlia. From the age of 17 to 23 he successfully slaughtered around 85% Western Barbarians under the command of Barbarian Warlord Birdivol, including capturing, torturing and hanging the warlord in the streets of Sani Bursil for taking his family. Unfortunately by this time, Slone had died harbouring her third child and Mori was gravely ill, nontheless returning against her will to the life in the Morstaybishlian Monarchy.
He had 1 child with his wife Lakira Shiveiti at 16 years old, by the name of Jenci Makuh, named after his sister out of utter respect for marrying into the Qinlak Tribe and becoming Shia'Murai.
The reason for Slev I's death is very controversial, as on the marking of Slev's 24th birthday, his sister Mori had poisoned the Kings' Hobstiberry wine at his evenings party out of hatred for destroying her Barbarian family, leading to an extremely worsening fever that night which escorted to his demise. Any and all but one documentation of this were destroyed, with the last one secretly hidden with the Kings butler.

Queen Jenci I Makuh
13 AKMD - 27 AKMD
Ruled: 21 AKMD - 27 AKMD
Enjoying a young life, Jenci was the first Queen of Morstaybishlia and for that reason; was worshipped as a godess through all of her fathers reign and her own. She was the youngest monarch allowed on the throne, and was a very playful character, although concerned family members frowned upon her immaturity and will to play Hobsti Tea parties, every day, without failure, until it became unappealing to her. For the reason she lacked parental figures, she relied on her aunt, who was very stern, which gave her initiative block her out. Because of this, her aunt appointed for her own son to spy on her as he spent a considerable amount of time with her. From age 12, she "got a boyfriend" and spent a superabundant amount of time with him in the local woodlands, which she banned public access and had soldiers guard its perimeter all throughout the day. Eventually this lead to her falling pregnant after a "thrilling" time with her already husband in the same woods. She had a child with Wilfric Kiresthirth who was 15 and the son of Wilfric Deflastian Kiresthirth, Shi'Murai of Redrugil. She died after extensive blood loss during labour after birthing Redrugus I Deflastian Kiresthirth at 14.

Queen Jenci II Makuh "The Rhadamanthine" ~ King Redrugus I
1 AKMD - 72 AKMD
Ruled: 27 AKMD - 43 AKMD
In what was a suprising turn of events, Jenci I reportedly told her aunt whilst dying of bloodloss to rule until Redrugus I was of correct age, in which she gladly did, as Shia'Murai and Queen.
She was known as "Our Jen" by fellow Qinlak tribespeople and Queen Jenci II by the vast majority living in Morstaybishlia. She was only allowed monarchy status for 16 years and lived those years making peace. She united 4 tribes, (Dimselsorkof, which is now a small part Dumbeldof, Dimsil, which is now apart of Dumselof, Rosten which is now a region in South Staynes and Mistrinityl which is also a region in South Staynes) in her life and after abdication struggled to keep up with her great grandson King Redrugus I's way of military dominance with other tribes.
She died at 71 of unknown causes.

King Redrugus I Deflastian Kiresthirth "The Conqueror" ~ King Redrugus II
27 AKMD - 91 AKMD
Ruled: 43 AKMD - 88 AKMD
Known by the people as Red the Conqueror, King Redrugus and in his last 3 years Redrugus I and Redrugus the Insane was a Militarian leader who spent most of his days commanding the Redrugil Legions and Morstaybishlian Legions on his quest to dissolve all of the smaller tribes and compell them into the larger tribes. In his youth years he sorjourned with his Grandfather and father in the small town of Redrugolis and eventually succeeded to be Shi'Murai of the Redrugil Tribe eftsoons the Invasion of Redrugolis in 50 AKMD, which extirpated the town, killed his Grandfather and crippled his father beyond ability to inherit the position. With a bitter cold heart birthed from the ashes of Redrugolis, he set off to pay back the devastation to the Eastern tribes.
In the 10 years following, he had completely destroyed all 11 tribes that were a threat, and won 4 into Morstaybishlia. He allowed the younger children to live, and recruited them into military service, brainwashed to the knowledge that Redrugus was their Mighty Savour. At this time, there were 24 tribes that made up Morstaybishlia, of what 11 of these still exist.
Redrugus I had the largest military force for half a millenia, standing at roughly 1,341,000 servicemen which included reserves, altogether around 9.51% of the then population. In his later years in service, he conquerored the tribal regions of Southern Morstaybishlia, in which he ceased the smaller tribes existence and formed the 6 Tribes of Southern Morstaybishlia, which are all located in South Staynes.
Redrugus had 3 children with his wife Elvira Kyrou, the first child at 34 by the name of Redrugus II Deflastian Kiresthirth, his second child at 35 called Wilfric Deflastian Kiresthirth and his third at 38, Ricardus Kiresthirth.
In his last five years, he developed dementia and abdicated on fears of making a poor name for himself, and at 61 crowned Redrugus II Deflastian Kiresthirth as King. He died three years later after reportedly feeling really ill and not knowing who he was.

King Redrugus II Deflastian Kiresthirth
61 AKMD - 129 AKMD
Ruled: 88 AKMD - 129 AKMD
King Redrugus II or Red The Conquerors Son was a noble gentleman who had a keen interest in architecture. He is well known for his architectural influence in Sani Bursil's older estates which encompasses the still standing Sani Bursil's Parliament House, along with other cities of great significance, such as the oldest buildings in Redrugus, which includes the Old Armoury Houses, City Walls and Redrugus II's Infirmary. Around the year 109 AKMD, he ordered the complete re-construction of Sani Bursil Royal Palace, which was a monumental superstructure which took 12 years to build.
Artists impression of Sani Bursil's Royal Palace:

Two years after the construction for Sani Bursil's Royal Palace, he ordered the construction of the Redrugil Royal Palace, in which he tended to spend much less time in.
Copy of the original planning and drawing of the Redrugil Royal Palace:

Artists impression of the original Sani Bursil's Parliament House:

Redrugus II had 3 children with his wife Agatha Aethileus, who was from Fort Sekan, the children were called Aprille I Kiresthirth at 38, Edgirisiriyus Kiresthirth at 42 and Valerie Kiresthirth at 43.
Whilst inspecting one of his projects, he was hit on the head by a projectile; which was soon recognised as a pulley which broke due to human error, whilst finishing off the roof of a Villa, located in Horkalo.

Queen Aprille I Kiresthirth
99 AKMD - 139 AKMD
Ruled: 129 AKMD - 139 AKMD
Aprille I or Queen Aprille I was a small but respectful lady. Through her life, she spent a long time harbouring her children at the newly built Sani Bursil Royal Palace, and used to gather many times a year to hold the Morstaybishlian Dance, in which people of high nobility and status came together, and danced in union.
She was notorious for her college of Arts of Hobsti, in which she used to give people advice on all of the different ways that they could use the berry. She was greatly triumphant in the rise of the Hobstiberry Wine industry through her later years.
She had 5 children with her husband Rek XI of Morstakitil, who was a decendant of Rek, second son of Zek. Their children went by the names of Redrugus III Makuh at 16, Rek XII Makuh at 18, Edrudus I Makuh at 21, Alfridus Deflastian Makuh and Elvira Makuh at 23. She was brutally assassinated during the Bursil Revolution of 139 AKMD.

King Redrugus III Makuh "The Slow" ~ King Edrudus I
115 AKMD - 142 AKMD
Ruled: 139 AKMD - 142 AKMD
King Redrugus III or King Red The Slow was a King of Morstaybishlia for 2 years and 11 months, preferring a calm life sat on his personal Golden Throne. For the latter of his princehood he was a fine brewer, much like his mother, Queen Aprille I. As King, he did not pass any laws, and did not particularly interfere with governing affairs. He did not marry nor have any children.
In 142 AKMD, the King decided to "soften" the Noct influenced Fort Montakaan, located in eastern Axdel after they put pressure on Morstaybishlian traders by taking shortcuts in sacred lands. Redrugus decided he would be cunning as to raid during the night, in which he took his most fierce and trusted legion and set foot for Fort Montekaan. It took the lone legion several days of trekking the deadly mountainous region and the plains of the south, followed by bogs, where they lost 4 men. During their first night, several Noct-loyal traders discerned the plans and fled to the fort. The Druid-King at the time, Keltek Narim, was outraged and set his own plans for an ambush. The legion arrived at the fort and charged blindly forward, which followed with the king being taken behind Noct lines, the legion being totally surrounded and forced to surrender. Come dawn, Keltek realised the extent of Redrugus's failure, and so ordered a special punishment, as well as a sacrifice for Noct. A large ale barrel was procured and placed in the city square, and the surviving men of the legion were arranged before it. Redrugus was forced into the barrel, and waited in horror and guilt at what was to come. A noble druid ordered the men, one by one, to come forth, by force if necessary, and bend down over the barrel. The druid killed and drained the blood of the soldiers into the barrel, which slowly filled up and drowned the King as an agonising punishment. The lifeless body was taken and incinerated. The Druid-King released the last 3 soldiers who would return to Edrudus I, or the King's Brother, who was acting on behalf of the King in his absence. This battle is known as the Battle of Montekaan.

King Edrudus I Makuh
120 AKMD - 186 AKMD
Ruled: 142 AKMD - 186 AKMD
King Edrudus I, Edrudus I Makuh or in his earlier years Edrudus Makuh...

King Edrudus II Makuh "The Vile" ~ Queen Wilfreda Ethliridor
149 AKMD - 204 AKMD
Ruled: 186 AKMD - 198 AKMD

Queen Wilfreda Makuh
183 AKMD - 222 AKMD
Ruled: 198 AKMD - 222 AKMD

Queen Elenea Ethliridor
201 AKMD - 288 AKMD
Ruled: 222 AKMD - 288 AKMD

King Redrugus IV Kiresthirth "The Elder" ~ King Redrugus VI
228 AKMD - 291 AKMD
Ruled: 288- 291 AKMD

King Redrugus V Kiresthirth "The Merciless" ~ King Redrugus VII
257 AKMD - 333 AKMD
Ruled: 291 AKMD - 333 AKMD

King Redrugus VI Kiresthirth
301 AKMD - 337 AKMD
Ruled: 333 AKMD - 337 AKMD

King Redrugus VII Kiresthirth
322 AKMD - 359 AKMD
Ruled: 337 AKMD - 359 AKMD

Queen Aprille II Kiresthirth
340 AKMD - 370 AKMD
Ruled: 359 AKMD - 370 AKMD
Married to (unknown) Ethliridor.

King Redrugus VIII Ethliridor "The Fool" ~ Queen Serena
355 AKMD - 373 AKMD
Ruled: 370 AKMD - 373 AKMD

King Von Dan Peekio "The Ignoramus" ~ Queen Serena
352 AKMD - 393 AKMD
Ruled: 373 AKMD - 393 AKMD
Von Dan Peekio was a corrupt relative to Redrugus VIII who manipulated and eventually became successor over him.
Von Dan was an Iron-fist Dictator sat on the throne of Morstaybishlia and made it compulsory for 18 year old men to enlist. 5 years into his rule, he started a mission to annihilate the eastern tribes to make space for industry. In this time, he sexually abused and killed all of Redrugus VIII's sisters, who he considered Trophies of War. In his first 10 years on the throne, Von quadrupled the size of his forces. Approximately 70% of the new forces were captured from Axdel and the southernmost states of Morstaybishlia (Modern South Staynes). His personal Legion pillaged the lands and raped young children, butchered all of the men who stood in their way and slaved all the females for their leisure. Von Dan forced surnames to be mandatory for everyone under his name, forced it illegal for new children to inherit existing tribal names and legalised sexual contact with children over 7, whether they liked it or not. Many child pregnancies from 8-16 were recorded in this era. He made taxation mandatory and had plans for a mega-city, based on slavery (Modern Fort Staynes) .Von had an accumulated 41 children and 18 wives in 25 years, at one time having 5 wives at once. Von had 17 of the 18 wives drowned for the reason they couldn't provide males, except Kiri Kir Kutinir who provided 3 males. Anyone who tried to oppose or kill Von were publicly humiliated before drowning. Out of the 41 children Von had, all but 4 were females. It's recorded from Von's slaves he used to force his least favourite female children into sexual acts with his slaves and himself for his recreational time. A few of these children were as young as 4. When his first daughter Serena Vailia Peekio was 16, who had already harboured for 3 children; 2 of which were from Von, she stabbed the Dictator-King in the throat, killing him swiftly. She hid this murder and claimed the throne.
Von had 41 children, 129 grandchildren and approximately 350 great-grandchildren. It's approximated that 27% of modern Staynish derive from Von Dan, whilst 21% South Staynish, 9% Axdels, 3% Ethalrians & 0.6% Caltharusians, due to the execution of modern descendants of Von Dan from fear of a Von Dan reincarnation.

Queen Serena Peekio "The Caring" ~ Queen Vailia
377 AKMD - 467 AKMD
Ruled: 393 AKMD - 467 AKMD
Serena Vailia Peekio or Queen Serena as she is known as, lived a long-life of hard work, mainly due to her struggle for people to accept that they were ruled by a female, after Von's vicious control. In her years leading up to the age of 20, she received hordes of backlash and hatred from extremely sexist of the more primative tribes and labourers. In her first 20 years in reign, she reversed many of her fathers laws. Raising sexual consent to 14 and allowing most of the capable slaves to live freely, although with compulsory military service to Her Majesty. As a child, Serena was violently abused by her father and had her first child at 11 from Von, Vailia Vlond Peekio, her second child at 12, Vinstillon Peekio, also from Von and a third child at 15 with a father not of her own from a man documented as Julsali Bouleri. The child was Julsali Bouleri II.
Serena helped and re-payed the tribes Von had destroyed and hung all caught rapists, because of her hatred towards her father. She banished Von Peekio II to the Northern Island, as he reminded her too much of Von. Through Serena's life, she introduced many laws allowing female freedom of speech and added a law allowing females to work, if they wanted to, and receive benefits to 30% that of men do, if they work. A massive man-based riot lasted several days outside Sani Bursil Palace, the residency of the Queen, to lower the benefits females receive, which was finally passed. If historical documents are what they say they are, originally Serena made females entitled to the same benefits of men. Serena became a widow at age 67 and died at aged 90, peacefully passing in her sleep.

Queen Vailia Vlond Peekio "The Beautiful" ~ Prince of Caltharus; Magnus I Constantine
388 AKMD - 468 AKMD
Ruled: 4 months from 467 AKMD - 468 AKMD
Vailia Vlond Peekio or her ruling name of Queen Vailia is notably considered a Princess more than a Queen, for only serving as ruling Monarch for 4 months. According to historic records, she was glanced upon for her absolute beauty.
She had her first child at 24 and another 5 children with a Prince from Caltharus by the name of Magnus I Constantine. They lived most of their life quietly on the Northern Staynish Island of Morstakitil, given authority over a Legion of naval ships for exploration. Mangus I Constantine was a devout scientist, with a keen open mind. They raised their first child Gustav I who eventually became Shi'Murai of the second Northern Staynish Island Papkut Listaybos after the Northern Tribe of Papkut until his unexpected passing. Vailia's other children were Lambertus I at 42 AKMD, Mangus II and Alwav I at 45 AKMD and Slev II at 51 AKMD. Vailia became Queen for a mere 4 months and 13 days after the death of her mother, former Queen Serena. In her reign, she passed a law for minimum wage of 3 Staynish Kiribs an hour, compared to the now legal minimum wage of 12 Staynish Kiribs an hour. She died on her deathbed at aged 80.

Prince Gustav Constantine "Powerhouse" ~ King Lambertus I
412 AKMD - 448 AKMD
Ruled: N/A
Prince Gustav I Constantine marks one of the most recognisable heirs to the throne that died before reign, at only aged 36. Gustav was a powerhouse who spent most of his days practising swordsmanship and went on to become Champion of the Northern Staynish Island group consisting of (from biggest to smallest) Morstakitil, Papkut Listaybos & Bayloyos Porpili in the Annual Sword Fighting Championships and friendly duels over the Island nations. It is recorded in historical documents that Gustav I wielded an Obsidian blade forged from the Great Hellfire of 260 BKM, gifted in honour from a Tribe of Dwarves in modern Bai Lung. He was a Head Commanding General of the 9th to 15th Morstabishlian Legions in the seige of Fort Noct. He died unexpectedly practising "Counter attack defensive moves" with his youngest brother Slev II Constantine. He was struck in the chest and died from blood loss on a large scale. His Sword has been passed down and is held personally with the current Monarch as a symbol of "great Dwarven power".
Hellfire Blade used by many Kings:

King Lambertus I Constantine "The Compassionate" ~ King Lambertus II
414 AKMD - 512 AKMD
Ruled: 468 AKMD - 512 AKMD
Lamburtus I Constantine or King Lamburtus I is the second child of Queen Vailia and lived to a very respectful age of 97. He was talked about as the King that liberated the soul. He showed great compassion towards others, doubling minimum wage and introducing Knighthood to those showing great enthusiasm and devotion to Morstaybishlia. In his reign he Knighted the highest military personnel and devoted citizens including Sir Jablien Helibi, who's contributions to industry revolutionised the Basket Weaving sector. At 75, he passed being horrible illegal unless given consent.
During the seigh of Fort Noct in 446 AKMD he was Commanding General to the 7th to 9th Morstaybishlian Legion which was entirely successful. They brought down the Druid-King Kalkt Nordf with 16 Morstabishlian Legions. Early artwork shows the giant fire of Fort Noct that blocked the sun for two days. The artwork is found in the National Staynish History Vault. He had 3 children with Shia'Murai of Avelo, Jilelo Hokli. Lambertus II at 18, Vlond, who died at merely 14 in childbirth (the child later died at 2), and Kerbistus at 22. It's noted that Vlond and Kerbistus I were twins, and based on sibling rivalries had an undisputed rivalry on who was the quickest eater. The King died at 97 from old age.
Artists impression of the Great Fire of Fort Noct, in the 2 weeks following the seige.

King Lambertus II Constantine "The Commander" ~ Prince Kerbistus
432 AKMD - 517 AKMD
Ruled: 512 AKMD - 517 AKMD
Lambertus II Constantine or as known at the time as King Lambertus II was the 6th ruling King of Morstaybishlia. In his early years he studied genocide and murder and went on to enlist as Officer in the Grand Morstaybishlian Army. At 14 years old, he watched his father siege Fort Noct in modern western-Axdel. He spend lots of time protecting Ambassadors on diplomatic missions. One most Ambassador he served under was Prince Vinstillon Peekio, who is more commonly known as the second son of Queen Serena, a remarkable politician and a widespread influence in Politics. At the age of 40, he served as Commanding General of the 2nd Morstaybishlian Legion, amongst other family members. He fought in many notable battles such as the Battle of Prosperior and the Battle of Justelvard, and according to historical documents, he massacred 207 Justelvards with his former uncles Dwarven blade, but was overrun and forced to retreat, loosing the 7 tribes that left the Union.
The Prince at the time married a maid by the name of Berry Kutinir, a beautiful small lady. He had one child with Berry at 21, Morgurtus who died of chest infection at 11.
Lambertus II died at 84 from a broken hip, which led to months aggravation and then suicide.

Important note: Lambertus II, Vlond and Kerbistus had no children that were heirs to the throne. Vlond and Kerbistus died before their claim. Magnus and Alwav were also deceased before they could claim. The throne was given to Slev II Constantine, Lambertus II's uncle, who was 93 at the time.

King Slev II Constantine
421 AKMD - 520 AKMD
Ruled: 517 AKMD - 520 AKMD
Slev II Constantine or for the larger part of his life Prince Slev II was the ruler of Morstaybishlia for a mere 2 years and 8 months. He was noted as the discoverer of the 4th island within the Staynish Island group by the name of Taal Slev, in which he ruled as a principality from the age of 54 until his reign as King. He was the person responsible for the beginning of the fashon of giant robes, in which a long, robe of natural colour would be worn, with a belt.
Slev II had two children with Fioncel Jillus, who was a noble Lady of Sani Bursil, by the names of Gustav I at 30 and Alwin at 31.
Slev II was assassinated in an attempt to overthrow the monarchy at 96 years old, which ultimately failed. This is noted in history lessons as 'The Tradgedy of Slev II'.

King Gustav I Constantine
451 AKMD - 533 AKMD
Ruled: 520 AKMD - 533 AKMD
Unfortinuately due to a fire in the National Staynish History Vault, the majority of Gustav I's records have perished. We have filled what we can to some degree.
Of what is known, King Gustav I had six children with (unknown). His first child, Florence at 19, Lambertus III at 38, Alwav at 39, Slev at 43, Wilfreda at 44 and his youngest, Wulfrueua at 47. He died in his deathbed at age 79.

Princess Florence Constantine "The Winsome" ~ Shi'Murai of Redrugil; Rikardus XV Burgeon
470 AKMD - 488 AKMD
Ruled: N/A
Florence Serena Constantine was the first of six children of Gustav I and a beautiful Princess who was regarded as the "Princess beautiful" for having a naturally slim body and curly brown hair. She married Shi'Murai of the Redrugil tribe Rikardus XV Burgeon at 16 and had a child four moons before her 17th birthday by the name of Kerbistus Burgeon, who died at the age of 2. She died at 18 in childbirth, in which the second child was named by the father, Oetus VIII, who lived on as Shi'Murai of the Redrugil tribe, prefering a quieter but as challenging life outside the monarchy.

King Lambertus III Constantine "The Great" ~ King Lambertus IV
489 AKMD - 571 AKMD
Ruled (Morstaybishlia): 533 AKMD - 557 AKMD
Ruled (Morstaybishlian Empire): 557 AKMD - 571 AKMD
Lambertus III Constantine, King Lambertus III, High-King Lambertus III or The First Emperor of Morstaybishlia was the second son of six of Gustav I, and the first High-King of Morstaybishlia. He is the King known for reclaiming the Caltharus throne and the Constitutional monarchy of Caltharus was re-established and the Morstaybishlian Empire (old variant to The Staynish-Caltharus Empire) was founded, which consists of parts of Axdel, Staynes, South Staynes, Caltharus, Justelvard and parts of modern Ethalria.
Lambertus III then continued to conquer more land. 17 years after reclaiming the Caltharus Monarchy he changed the Caltharusian currency from deniers to Caltharusian Kirib, sparking outrage amongst merchants. Several assassionation attempts were put into action, consequently triggering the Emperor's Guard. The guards wore heavy armour similar to that of Roman Brutes and influenced by these.
Design of the First Mark Emperor's Guard:

After agressive assassination plans lost their will, the Emperor's Guard was not needed for such heavy armour. Athough the First Mark Emperor's Guard was still around, Lambertus III called for a national summoning, where he had the streets filled with an audience. His intentions were simple. He wanted an Emperor's Guard uniform for both Royal Palaces, that is easily recognisable. Thousands of choices came hastily, all of which were discarded. Many years passed and it was only in Lambertus's last year that his perfect design pooled in. He ordered it's creation and called it the Second Mark Emperor's Guard. Sadly they weren't made fast enough to be installed around both Palaces, as he passed away at age 82.
Lambertus III had 2 children with his wife (Princess of old Caltharus monarchy; not named yet), who was a Princess of the original Caltharus Monarchy, before (details needed), by the name of Lambertus IV at 42 years of age and Redrugus IX at 51 years, in honour of his 16th Great Grandfather, King Redrugus I The Conqueror.
Second Mark Emperor's Guard:

King Lambertus IV Constantine "The Peaceful" ~ King Lambertus V
532 AKMD - 601 AKMD
Ruled 571 AKMD - 601 AKMD
High-King Lambertus IV, King Lambertus IV, Lambertus IV Constantine, King Constantine VI, The Second Emperor of Morstaybishlia or Lambertus the Peaceful was a peaceful leader and the second High-King of the Morstaybishlian Empire. He served under his father for the first half of his life in the cities of Prosperior, Sani Bursil and Fort Vitrayn, settling international disputes and uproar. Because of the recent unity with the two nations, many assassination attempts were pushed forward, much like his father, until he was confirmed secured under the service of the Second Mark Emperor's Guard just after his fathers death.
In his time in reign, he set forward, and built, trade routes between the Staynish Cities, and Caltharusian Cities, helping towards the unity of the newly formed Empire. One such good example of this is the ancient Mega-Route, named "Lambertus IV's Route" and later discontinued, and reconstructed in present day as "Highway Lambertus IV", and extended from Fort Staynes, to Fort Vitrayn, to Sani Bursil, to Eskrador and around the Caltharusian coastline, stopping at Nocturne.
He called for a national meeting on 580 AKMD, where people from all over came together and for 4 whole weeks pondered over the national flag to unite the two countries, which ended up as the following:

Lambertus IV married, but never had children. His wife was Shia'Murai of Kirdintayos, Kiri Rushdni.
The High-King died at around 69 years of age.

King Redrugus IX Constantine
540 AKMD - 623 AKMD
Ruled 601 AKMD - 623 AKMD

King Lambertus V Constantine
578 AKMD - Link666 AKMD
Ruled: 623 AKMD - Link666 AKMD

Queen Florence I Constantine
600 AKMD - 683 AKMD
Ruled: Link666 AKMD - 683 AKMD
Died of old age.

King Rainaldus I Keneweard
616 AKMD - 689 AKMD
Ruled: 683 AKMD - 689 AKMD
Died of septicaemia.

King Rainaldus II Keneweard
650 AKMD - 767 AKMD
Ruled: 689 AKMD - 743 AKMD
Abdicated, decided he wasn't fit to rule as too old.
Oldest monarch at 117 years old.
Only successor was his sisters son, sister married a decendant to Zek Vilvilin, Zek Makuh's youngest nephew.

King Edrudus III Visteue
686 AKMD - 771 AKMD
Ruled: 743 AKMD - 771 AKMD

King Edrudus IV Visteue
729 AKMD - 793 AKMD
Ruled: 771 AKMD - 793 AKMD
His only child was shot in the head whilst making a speach on guns (first gun was born around 773 AKMD)

King Lambertus VI Visteue
734 AKMD - 799 AKMD
Ruled: 793 AKMD - 799 AKMD

King Edrudus V Visteue
762 AKMD - 836 AKMD
Ruled: 799 AKMD - 836 AKMD

Queen Rosamund I Visteue
781 AKMD - 859 AKMD
Ruled: 836 AKMD - 859 AKMD
Married Constantine, Gustav II at 13.

King Gustav II Constantine
794 AKMD - 888 AKMD
Ruled: 859 AKMD - 888 AKMD

Queen Florence II Constantine
840 AKMD - 902 AKMD
Ruled: 888 AKMD - 902 AKMD
Married to Visteue family, 2nd cousin.

Queen Rosamund II Visteue
867 AKMD - 934 AKMD
Ruled: 902 AKMD - 924 AKMD
Marries to Constantine family, her 9th cousin.

King Thadeus I Velor Constantine
898 AKMD - 944 AKMD
Ruled: 924 AKMD - 944 AKMD
Killed in battle. Battle not named as of yet.

King Thadeus II Velor Constantine
928 AKMD - 1005 AKMD
Ruled: 944 AKMD - 987 AKMD
Abdicated reason not named as of yet.

King Galfridus Velor Constantine "The Wise" ~ King Lambertus VII Constantine
955 AKMD - 1019 AKMD
Ruled: 987 AKMD - 1019 AKMD

King Lambertus VII Constantine "The Mighty"
1000 AKMD - N/A
Ruled: 1019 AKMD - NA

Year is currently 1044.

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