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The Sunshine And Rainbows Mail

The Sunshine And Rainbows Mail is a weekly newspaper published in Solveneia. Originally founded as a city-specific publication for the nation's capital of the same name, it grew in popularity and widened the scope of its reporting to national and even international news. Noteworthy news stories are visible below.

The Sunshine And Rainbows Mail
Issue No. 5 | February 2nd, 2022

Solveneia To Change Flag In Design Contest

SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS - The Ministry of Culture has announced that the official flag of Solveneia, which has been in use since the success of the revolution, will be replaced by the end of the year. A contest will be held where all citizens may put forward their suggestions for a new flag, and the winner will be selected through several rounds of voting.

The flag's simplistic design has seen many criticisms from vexillologists and average citizens alike, but remained in its place nonetheless, even "surviving" several referendums, in no small part due to patriotism or nostalgia. Making use of classic socialist symbolism, such as the hammer, gear and sickle, and the colours red and black, it represents the core tenets of Solveneian and international socialism. Those same elements, however, faced criticism for their stark unoriginality.

"The Solveneian Flag has served us well, but we are no longer a fledgling revolutionary nation fighting tooth and nail for its survival." said Minister of Culture, Klara Simoneit, in an interview. "When the people first raised the socialist flag on the royal palace in Lyubin, it was not the flag's specific design that mattered. What mattered was that for the first time in our history, a flag actually representing the people was flying over the Solveneian seat of government. For centuries the downtrodden peasant or worker would look at the centre of national power and see a meaningless rag with the crest of this or that royal family staring down at him. The revolution of workers, soldiers and peasants put and end to that, and the flag represented them well. But now our Socialist Republic stands strong as a beacon of freedom and solidarity in this cruel and unfeeling world, firmly certain of its destiny to liberate all of humanity and more confident in its ability to do so than ever before. It's time for our flag to reflect that, to fill the hearts of comrades with passion and strike fear into the reactionary vermin who would oppose us."

Written by Alex Jodie

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