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The Princessipality of Shy Guyia

“But your princess is in another castle!” Princess Shy Guy

Category: Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
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Regional Influence: Sprat

Location: 10000 Islands



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Shy Guyia

The Princessipality of Shy Guyia

Flag of Shy Guyia
General Info

and largest city


Official language

Shy Guy


Guyian Paganism




Unitary absolute monarchy


HRH Shy Guy

Privy council

Council of Guys

December 2018 estimate

10 billion (18,983rd)

GDP (LinkNSEconomy)
Per capita

2018 estimate
$287 trillion

HDI (2018)

very high (3,962nd)


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Drives on

both sides

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General Info

Shy Guyia (/ʃaɪ ɡaɪə/) is a unitary interdimensional sovereign state in a dimensional superposition between 10000 Islands and the Mushroom Kingdom.

Shy Guyia is an absolute monarchy, ruled by Princess Shy Guy, with a socialist planned economy. Members of the Royal Socialist Party (RSP), led by the royal family, makes up the majority of political officers in the country. The Government, which is the largest employer in Shy Guyia, is seated in the capital city of Guyopolis.

Shy Guyia's economy is the world's 9,974th largest economy by economic output. Shy Guyia performs well in international rankings of education, healthcare, social welfare, and human development. Shy Guyia is a de facto member of the World Assembly, usually being represented by various puppet governments in order to avoid certain legal obligations.


Tribal Spear Guy

Around 2000 BC (date system to be replaced), the tribal Spear Guys, the ancestors of the modern shy guy, settled on the western coast of Shy Guyia from their traditional homeland of Yoshi's Island. From the western coast they expanded east, coming into contact with tribal Toads and Koopa tribes.

In the year of 1000 BC, the tribal Toads got into contact with the star sprites, an advanced nomadic intragalatic specie. In exchange for the toads recognizing the star sprites as their deity, the toad tribes would be united as one toad dominated kingdom across the Mushroom World. The tribal leaders of the toads accepted this deal, forming the Mushroom Kingdom.
Pact with Koopa
As the Spear Guys' territory got smaller as the Toad army conquered the inland of Shy Guyia, the Spear Guys formed a pact with the Koopa, which were also suffering from Toad expansion. The Koopa, ruled by the Koopa King, lead the modernisation effort of the Spear Guys, "turning" the residents of Shy Guyia to "Shy Guys." This pact eventually lead to the Shy Guy tribes merging with the Koopa realm.

Conflict on Yoshi's Island
The Koopa King died, leaving no one to take the throne. Kamek,


Princess Shy Guy
His Royal Highness Princess Shy Guy is the reigning princess of the Princessipality. He ascended to the throne in year one following his appointment by the Council of Guys.

Under his administration, Princess Shy Guy restructured the social order in Shy Guyia. Following the creation of the Royal Socialist Party, Shy Guyia was reformed from a loose tribal confederation to a
Full title
His Royal Highness Shy Guy, by the Grace of the Gods and People, Princess of the Shy Guys, Snifits, Koopas, and his other Minions across the Realm.

Royal Socialist Party
The Royal Socialist Party w

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Excidium Planetis Civilization Index
12.86 civilization
Tier: 7
Level: 6
Type: 5

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