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Sacara was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 382

“Our Universe has no obligation to make sense to you” The Astronaut

Category: Capitalist Paradise
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Operation Failed

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether AI should be allowed to perform surgeries.


Criminal Guns Soon to Be Shooting Blanks

The Marsupial Illuminati

Whether violent criminals should be sterilized.


Skeletons in the Closet

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether old posts from social media should matter in current politics.


With Friends Like These...

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether old, offensive TV shows should be allowed to air.


Down With That?


Whether ship captains should be forced to go down with their sinking ships.


Curtains for the Horrorshow

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether movie theaters should have to enforce film ratings for movies.


Patriotism Flagging


Whether citizens should be mandated to fly @@NAME@@s flag.


Till Death Do Us Part

The Marsupial Illuminati

Whether the posthumous retrevial of sperm should be legalized.


My Eyes Are Up Here

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether men should be penalized for staring at women.


Mother Knows Best

The Marsupial Illuminati

Whether the parental licensing test should be made easier.


Another Brick in the Wall


Whether @@NAME@@ needs to rebuild a collapsed part of its border wall.


No Shoes, No Service

Candlewhisper Archive

Whether citizens can refuse to wear shoes in public settings.


Nun on the Run


Whether citizens who have religious positions can run for office.


Livin' on a Prayer

The Marsupial Illuminati

Whether law enforcement can interrupt church services to make an arrest.


A Minor Political Problem

Pogaria, Candensia

Whether youth can donate to political campaigns.

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