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The CUP Federal Syndicrats of RightWingConservatives

“Outta my way!”

Category: Free-Market Paradise
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Regional Influence: Negotiator

Location: Eladen




Originally settled by Undivulged Principles, Rightwingconservatives is still politically dominated by the "Fatherland". While the largest portion of the population are very religious, conservative and zealously protective of their place in society, their foreign affairs have been more moderate, especially of late.

It wasn't always so for much of Rightwingconservatives early history the nation was at odds with The Confederacy and the strained relationship often led to armed conflict. Even with the support of nations of the caliber of Little Flowers and Klesh, Rightwingconservatives did not fare well in these endeavors.

Currently, the political dominance is reflected in a loose, fluid coalition of political moderates and a motley collection of tiny minorities of liberals, libertines.

The ties with ELF and Klesh are still strong. These lie with their concurrent business interests (mostly ELF) & mutual interests in civil rights and social policies (Klesh). This situation leads to much political intrigue and this makes Rightwingconservatives the wild card of The CUP Alliance. This is significantly offset by The Confederacy's current policy of garrisoning troops in Rightwingconservatives & having citizens serve in the ERDF (Eladen Regional Defense Forces) under CUP officers & paid by CUP.

Due to the highly Federated state, strong business interests & tendencies to restrict civil rights, the current state is not likely to last forever.