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The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne

“ĦQue se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”

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Prybourne Bill of Opportunities

We the Profiteers of the Republic of Prybourne in self-interest of the wealth, commerce, and prosperity of our nation, do hereby establish the sole, self-executing, supreme law of the land under which, life, property, and the pursuit of profit of its citizens shall be promoted, preserved, defended, and protected.

Article I

Section 1

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in the National Board of Executives of the Republic of Prybourne, which shall consist of a single house. The National Board of Executives membership,budget, and facilities shall be contracted by private corporate entities.

Section 2

1.The Chief Executive shall be the executive and commander in chief of the Prybourne Armed Forces. He shall sign legislation into law, can veto legislation, and has the right to wage police action.
2. The contracted Legislative arm of government shall have the power to propose legislation and put legislation into law should the Chief Executive veto it or is otherwise unable to rule.
3.The Board of Executives shall comprise of 432 seats with 12 seats per administrative district.
4. The Judiciary arm of the Board of Executives shall follow common law for federal purposes. The Supreme Court shall be appointed by the Chief Executive and approved by the Board of Executives, comprising of nine people.
5. a The Judiciary has the power to judge the constitutionality of legislation by the contracted government administrative divisions, and municipality. If in the event that the courts designate the legislation in question to be unconstitutional, such legislation shall be designated null and void.

Article II

1. The Republic shall be divided into states.
2. The National Board of Executives has the powers to regulate commerce between the administrative divisions of Prybourne, coin money, regulate currency, set weights and measures, declare war and contract an armed body. The Board of Executives shall not be allowed impose taxes upon income, business, estate, gift, or property upon the populace.
2a. The National Board of Executives shall not be allowed to suspend habeas corpus except in times of war or rebellion
2b. The constitution and laws passed by the National Board of Executives shall take precedence over the laws of the administrative division
3. The powers not delegated to the Republic nor prohibited by the divisions are reserved to the states or the people/
4. Both authorities shall have concurrent jurisdiction on taxes not forbidden by the Bill of Opportunities, the power to borrow money, and the power to charter corporations.
5. Any residual powers not mentioned shall be under the jurisdiction of the states unless otherwise mentioned.

Article III