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The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne

“ĦQue se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”

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Very Good

Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

Location: Anteria




The technological and industrial history of Prybourne describes Prybourne emergence as one of the most technologically advanced nation in the world. The availability of land and literate labor, the diversity of climate and a large easily accessed upscale and literate free market all contributed to Prybourne's rapid industrialization. The availability of capital, development by the free market of navigable canals, rivers, and coastal waterways, and the abundance of natural resources owned by businesses facilitated the cheap extraction of energy all contributed to URW's rapid industrialization. Fast transport by the private railroad networks, developed in part by Federal grants of land and guaranteeing of bonds, and later the Prybourne Interstate Highway System all contributed to URW's rapid industrialization. Government's adoption of the Prybourne Constitution and its limits on government and the rights of individuals along with strong protection of property rights, the rule of law and contracts and intelligent land development laws and the admission of states on an equal right basis.

The early technological and industrial development in Prybourne was facilitated by a unique confluence of geographical, social, and economic factors. The relative lack of workers kept Prybourne wages nearly always higher than corresponding Hellandia and Terran Cohort workers and provided an incentive to mechanize some tasks. The Prybourne population had some semi-unique advantages in that they were former Canter subjects, had high Prybornean literacy skills, for that period and had strong Canter institutions, with some minor Prybourne modifications, of courts, laws, right to vote, protection of property rights and in many cases personal contacts among the Prybournean innovators of the Industrial Revolution. They had a good basic structure to build on. Another major advantage, which the Canter people lacked, was no inherited aristocratic institutions. The northern seaboard of Prybourne, with a great number of rivers and streams along the Western seaboard, provided many potential sites for constructing textile mills necessary for early industrialization. . A vast supply of natural resources, the technological knowledge on how to build and power the necessary machines along with a labor supply of literate workers, often unmarried females, all aided early industrialization. The broad knowledge of the Industrial Revolution and Scientific Revolution by many literate people helped facilitate understanding for the construction and invention of new manufacturing businesses and technologies. A limited government that would allow them to succeed or fail on their own merit helped.

Science, technology, and industry have not only profoundly shaped Prybourne's economic success, but have also contributed to its distinct political institutions, social structure, educational system, and cultural identity. Prybournean values of limited government, meritocracy, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency are drawn from its legacy of pioneering technical advances.