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The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne

“ĦQue se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”

Category: Capitalizt
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Very Good

Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

Location: Anteria




Prybourne has abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, and high productivity. It has one of the highest per capita GDP. Prybourne is one of the largest producer of oil and natural gas. Though Prybourne's economy mainly comes through its large tourism industry. It has been one of the world's largest national economy (not including colonial empires) since at least the 1900s. As of 2010, the country remains one of the world's largest tourism destination, representing a fifth of the global tourism output. Of the world's 500 largest companies, 13 are headquartered in the Prybourne. The country is one of the world's largest and most influential financial markets. About 60% of the global currency reserves have been invested in the Prybourne Pente, while 24% have been invested in the Lira. The Duron Stock Exchange is the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization. Foreign investments made in Prybourne total almost $2.4 trillion, which is more than twice that of any other country. Prybourne investments in foreign countries total over $3.3 trillion, which is almost twice that of any other country. Consumer spending comprises 45% of Prybourne's economy in 2013.The labor market has attracted immigrants from all over the world and its net migration rate is among the highest in the world.