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The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne

“¡Que se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”

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Very Good

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Location: Anteria



Political Parties

Throughout most of its history, Prybourne politics have been dominated by a two-party system. However, the Prybourne Constitution has always been silent on the issue of political parties; at the time it was signed in 1900, there were no parties in the nation. Indeed, no nation in the world had voter-based political parties. The need to win popular support in a republic led to the invention of political parties in the 1790s. Prybourne were especially innovative in devising new campaign techniques that linked public opinion with public policy through the party.

Political scientists and historians have divided the development of Prybourne's two-party system into five eras. The modern two-party system consists of the Builder Party and the Clockwork Party.Several third parties also operate in Prybourne and from time to time elect someone to local office. The largest third party since the 1980s is the Pente Party followed by the Goldfinch Party.

Since the 1930s, the modern Prybourne political spectrum and the usage of left–right politics have basically differed from the rest of the world. For example, among the two major parties, economic liberalism and classical liberalism's central principle of limited government is generally supported by modern Prybourne Conservatism and the right-leaning Clockwork Party, rather than modern Prybourne Liberalism and the left-leaning Builder Party.