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The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne

“ĦQue se rompan los martillos y se doblen las hoces!”

Category: Capitalizt
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Very Good

Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

Location: Anteria




The continental Prybourne contains three harbor indented coasts of several thousand miles from which well watered coastal plains rise to two mountain ranges between which is an arable plain overlaid by thousands of miles of interconnected and navigable rivers. The Woodland continental crossroads, the southerly deserts, and the basin and range country of Morwall and Bysummer complete the picture. The combination of rivers navigable thousands of miles inland, running throughout virtually all of the largest contiguous area of farm land in the world, has helped to make Prybourne the world's breadbasket and wealthiest nation by far. Considering both the natural features and the political unity of the states of the region of the Great Plains, contrasted with the river systems and political disunity of Rymoore as an example, nothing quite like it exists anywhere else in the world. the Freemont, Brent, Roy, Gee, and Telamon River make up the river system of Prybourne.

Country-wide Prybourne has a varied topography. A broad, flat coastal plain lines the South border to the West border. Areas further inland feature rolling hills and temperate forests. Great Lakes are located in the North portion of the country. The southeast of Prybourne contain subtropical forests and varied wetlands. The Midwest consist largely of rolling hills and productive farmland, stretching east to the Eastern Coast.

The Great Plains lie west of the Roy River and East of the Telamon River. A large portion of the country's agricultural products are grown in the Great Plains. Before their general conversion to farmland, the Great Plains were noted for their extensive grasslands with elevation rising gradually from less than a few hundred feet near the Roy River to more than a mile high in the High Plains. The generally low relief of the plains is broken in several places with the he Great Plains come to an abrupt end at the Telamon River.

The Prybourne Mountains form a large portion of the Eastern Prybourne and stretching nearly to Its Western border. The Prybourne Mountain region is the highest region of Prybourne by average elevation. The Prybourne Mountains generally contain fairly mild slopes and wider peaks compared to some of the other great mountain ranges. The tallest peak is Mount Leonard at 15, 350 ft. The Prybourne Mountains contain some of the most spectacular, and well known scenery in the world. In addition, instead of being one generally continuous and solid mountain range, it is broken up into a number of smaller, intermittent mountain ranges, forming a large series of basins and valleys.

West of the Prybourne Mountains lies the Reese Plateaus (also known as the Intermountain West), a large, arid desert lying between the Lazo Mountains and the Morwall and Bysummer ranges. The large Western portion consists of salt flats, drainage basins, and many small north-south mountain ranges. The Southwest is predominantly a low-lying desert region. Overall, Prybourne is considered to have some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.