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The Democratic Peoples Republic of Proletaire

“The bosses do not work; neither shall they eat.”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Regional Influence: Minnow

Location: The Internationale



Draft I: The Constitution of the Confederated Communes of Proletaire


Article I
The Mode of Production

I. All means of production, i.e land, factories, shops, minerals, resources, etc. are to be held in common and used for the benefit of all people.

II. The decision-making process shall be controlled by the workers within their workplace, through councils in which each worker has an equal voice and vote.

Article II
The Governmental Structure

The Communal Assemblies

I. The land of Proletaire is a confederation of free communes.

II. The affairs of each commune within Proletaire shall be governed by a Communal Assembly comprised of all individuals above the age of fifteen years old.

1. Each individual participating in the Communal Assembly shall be given equal opportunity to speak and an equal vote.

2. Decisions are decided by majority vote.

3. A number of individuals determined by the vote of the Communal Assembly shall be elected from volunteers with the purpose of presiding over and carrying out the orders of the Communal Assembly.

4. Representatives of the Communal Assembly are subject to recall by majority vote at any time.

5. The Elected Representatives of the Communal Assembly are subject to the Communal Assembly in all matters, and in no circumstance are permitted to act in contradiction to the will of the people.

6. The decision-making power of the Communal Assembly is limited to economic and defensive matters.

7. The Communal Assembly shall make known to all workplaces within the city the material needs of the populace.

The Regional Assemblies

III. A Regional Assembly shall be created, consisting of a number of delegates elected by each Communal Assembly, proportional to the population of said city, and will distribute regional resources according to the will of the people and the need of each workplace.

1. The delegates to the Regional Assembly are subject to recall by majority vote of their respective Communal Assembly at any time.

IV. The workplaces shall make known to the Regional Assembly a request for needed materials.

V. The Regional Assembly shall coordinate the needed materials and send them to the respective workplaces according to the will of the people.

The Council of Regions

VI. A Council of Regions shall be created consisting of no more than one hundred elected delegates in all, with representation proportional to the population of each region, in order to coordinate the movement of needed supplies throughout regions, according to the will of the people.

1. The delegates to the Council of Regions are subject to recall at any time by event of a region-wide vote specific to their region's Communal Assemblies.

VII. Should the required resources be unavailable within the region, the Regional Assembly will report such shortage to the Council of Regions, which will address the shortage.

Article III
The Civil Rights of the People

I. All individuals from birth possess equal rights to life, bodily sovereignty, privacy, personal property, adequate food, water, housing, shelter, education, employment, and healthcare.

II. All individuals are permitted to do as they please, provided that their actions do no physical harm to another individual, communal property or the personal property of another.

Article IV
Defensive Forces

I. No offensive war shall ever be waged by this land.

II. Each city shall have its own militia for defense, comprised of paid volunteers, who shall be called to arms against invasion only by three-fourths consent of the populace.

Drafted by: Rep. FW R.

on 23.7.2012