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National Flag

The Reptilian Species of Planet Sauria

“Lad you're going to need something to wash it down with”

Category: Corporate Bordello
Civil Rights:
Very Good
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Vassal

Location: United Earth Space Probe Agency



History of Sauria

Between 2157 and 2162, the many nations of Sauria merged until only two remained. When first contact with Humans occurred, the various planetary governments did not have a common name for themselves so the Humans referred to them collectively as Saurians. The name was eventually adopted, with the planet referred to as Sauria.

Saurians are very able, excellent space officers. Learned to communicate in Earth tongue, have complicated vocal language of own. Have upright, direct posture. Intelligent. Can breathe a number of gases. Valuable in exploration of new areas because of enormous strength due to four hearts.

The Saurians are best known for Saurian brandy, one of the most popular and infamous alcoholic drinks in known space. Because other races were always so eager to come to them for trade, the Saurians, whose civilization predates humanity, never had to advance very far into space.

Saurian music had a great appreciation by both Vulcans and Andorians.

Saurians appears to have a fear of creatures that spin webs.