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The Dominion of PapaJacky

“Abolēfacite Omnia Monstra”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
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Regional Influence: Power

Location: Papastan



All is Love Baby Don't Baby

The Nation of PapaJacky's peoples is renowned for their avid love of all things, living, dead, animate, inanimate, concrete, and abstract; and especially each other and themselves. The cost of living is nonexistent, as it is guaranteed by the Government, and all purpose of life, is not work, but the pursuit of happiness, a guild in which many fail at, but many also succeed. Love is in the air and so is the hate, but neigh, the hate is not more than a figment of dreams, achievable only by those bent on the malfeasance of all but themselves. Music, Art, Theatre, Literature and Poetry are all loved aspects of life, but so is Science, Maths, Exploration, and the general desire from the pursuit of pursuits.

All is well under the sun.

The Dominion of PapaJacky