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The Constitutional Monarchy of Odysson

“Quasi mane surgimus” Magistrate Selbrede

Category: Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Very Good
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The Free Nations Region



Origins of Odysson I: The Nation Before

The nation of Odysson was preceded by the small city-state known as Qualms... an oppressive and staunchly religious land situated on an island in the Hymnar Sea. Qualms was ruled by the High Priests, men who handed down the position from son to father from the Holy City, a brilliant temple of white marble shining from the center of the island. Initially, Qualms was a peaceful and good nation, but as the years wore on it began to fall behind in many industries due to its backwards nature, and their economy began to crumble. It was around this time that High Priest Verix came to power, and vowed to make Qualms one of the foremost nations of the Hymnarian region.

Verix was cruel, and prejudiced, and began to forcefully impose their ancient religions upon the land while forcing those he deigned as unworthy into slave-like roles. The military developed into a fearsome secret police, and anyone who wasn't a straight native to Qualms found themselves barely eking out an existence on the island. Hope seemed lost, as Qualms fell into a state of ruin and dictatorship. However, Ilsyia H'Offryn, the official consort to High Priest Verix, saw her people's suffering and vowed to do something about it. Slowly and steadily, Ilsyia gained support from sympathizers in the Holy Forces, starting a rebel group which began to slowly turn public opinion against Verix. For many years, Ilsyia was forced to hide her true alliance, "helping" her love crack down on the insurgents and bearing his children while secretly communicating with the rebels with coded hymns she sang every night by her window. Eventually the insurgents gained enough power to stage a coup, and the war began.

However, Ilsyia was betrayed by one of her servants, who had jealously longed for her for many years. When she refused to sleep with him, he went to Verix just as the rebels began marching on the Holy City, When Verix learned the truth about his consort, he slew the man in rage and confronted Ilsyia, swearing to murder each and every one of their children unless she betrayed her forces. Ilsyia refused, and her youngest son, Aric, was murdered in front of her. Consumed with grief, she agreed to save the rest of the children by betraying the rebel forces to the Holy Forces. The rebellion was defeated before it could reach the Temple, and all involved were declared heathens and burned at the stake (Ilsyia included). For a while, the rebellion vanished completely.

But Aric's twin brother, Ayden, had witnessed his brother and mother's death, and vowed to never let his father do something like that again. Every night, when Ayden was supposed to be sleeping, he snuck out at night to find others who hated his father and his soon-to-be-coronated older brother. After several months of following in his mother's footsteps, sowing discontent and courage wherever he went, Ayden met Ian dePont, the son of a Low Priest who in secret preached against the High Priests. Against all odds, Ayden and Ian fell deeply in love and resolved to save their country. However, after Ayden found himself in an arranged marriage to a young girl, Kinsia, things got complicated. Ayden realized his brother, now High Priest Evon, suspected Ayden of treachery after Ayden refused to follow through with the marriage, not wanting to end up like his mother. Forced to flee the Holy City in the dead of night with Ian, Kinsia, and the rest of the rebels, they stole three large frigates and set sail away from Qualms, in search of a better life. These people would be the founders of Odysson.

End Part I