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The People's Republic of NazBol Party Supporter

“NazBol defeats the capitalists”

Category: Corrupt Dictatorship
Civil Rights:
Basket Case
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Truckler

Location: New Western Atlantic



Atlantican Political Parties

The New Western Atlantic offers numerous parties that you may register to join by sending a telegram to the secretary that manages the respective party you seek to become a member of listed below. The parties that are given official recognition can be found on this dispatch, simply click on the party logo to read each manifesto.

Mainstream Party (1)

National-Bolshevik Party

Party Secretary: Aestorn

Membership: 99% of the Region (Everyone except the Elite)

Minor Parties (6)

Constructive Party

Party Secretary: Trade federations

Membership (3)

Activist Party

Party Secretary: Riost

Membership (2)

Liberal Democratic Party

Party Secretary: Josephtan

Membership (1)

National Party

Party Secretary: The 3rd swedish empire

Membership (1)

Social Bloc Party

Party Secretary: New academ

Membership (0)

Unity Party

Party Secretary: Suternia

Membership (0)