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The Ultimate Evil Corporation of Marnady

“Moo, NationStates, friendship”

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
Civil Rights:
Unheard Of
Political Freedoms:
Unheard Of

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: the Rejected Realms

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Libertarianism in Marnady

There is no laws, election or government in Marnady, because Marnady is a libertarian land and stand by Private property rights.

the Ultimate Evil Corporation of Marnady is the entity who owns (94%) of the lands and the houses in Marnady, its owner, Yugi Irving set the laws. In these lands, Yugi Irving has the right of live and death on everyone for any reason.
Homosexuality is illegal,
changeing sex is not legal
abortion are not legal, they are forced on certain women.
Smoking and drinking is illegal,
Insults are illegal
manifestation for democracy are illegal
criticism of libertarianism or evil religion are illegal
(miss-interpretation of libertarianism) is illegal,
atheist are illegal.
Yugi Irving can decide who you marry
Environnementalism, socialism, communism or liberalism are illegal.
and many things are just illegals, prostitution.

Hoverer there are some other lands.

Kyrio's Hotels owned by Kyrio Lebel (1%)
Libertarian Opposant of Yugi Irving. He often call Yugi Irving to be a government, use referendums.

Vicky's state, owned by Vicky Nadeau-bolivar (1%)
Directly linked to Bhrazjhia, owned by Bhrajzhian Queen.

Maria Sexual Paradise owned by Maria Trudeau (1%)
A place where sexual activities are part of public life and obligatory..

Audrey's Brothel, owned by Audrey-Sophie Laflamme-Waters (1%)
Evilcian Kind's property, Anti-Abortion. Officially is a brothel, really is a institution that help people to flee or hide from Yugi Irving Laws.

Patrica's Sphere, owned by Patrica Lapolice (1%)
A land rules by democracy and religious tolerance. more conservative then others, but Yugi Irving is much more evil.

Jeanne's Love free lands, Owned by Jeanne Laliberté (1%)
Has long as no harm is done, everything is allowed, even incest.