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“Inside our tattered heart and wounded arm there's home!” Dear Comrade Rio Daszare

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Mochi'ism-Hikai'ism (The Path of Light) - New Loushinism Philosophy

"The path of light will show us the truth, glory to Loush Land!"

Mochi'ism-Hikai'ism is a thought coined by Ayano Aishi. The fruit of this thought is poured out in order to manifest the results of the determination of an ideology and system that has been running quite successfully so far. Mochi'ism-Hikai'ism taken from Mochi'ism thought that coined by Ryoba Aishi and Hikai'ism theory that coined by Hikayana II.

Mochi'ism ideas started in 1980s, when Ryoba Aishi thought that all our wishes can be granted as long as we try and try to compromise with the existing situation. This is applied by Ryoba in his hunt with time against the ten criminals who hinder him from an important mission. Later, Ryoba was considered as an important figure in the ideological establishment and then widely applied out there.

"I don't want anything or anyone come between us"

After a few years, precisely in 1993, another idea which was considered as the theory of Hikai'ism was introduced by Empress Hikayana II in Hikayana. In theory, it is said that the light of our life cannot be separated from our decisions and we must try to reach that light with all our might for the service of loved ones.

"How come we forgot the light that always shine us through dark skies? We must search for that light!"

In 2022, Ayano initiated the thoughts of the two to be combined with an effort to clarify their theory and to become popular among ordinary people. Ayano has the idea that everything we do is in our hands, for that apart from doing routines, we must also pay attention to the light that illuminates our surroundings so that common goals can be achieved in peace and harmony without any disturbance.

"These theories are made for us, the ones who try our best to get what we want for peace and harmony. If I can't have them, no one can!"

Mochi'ism-Hikai'ism is a socio-political idea or ideology related to the philosophy of Ayano Aishi to step and realize that whatever we do is on our hands, we must compromise and enlighten things around us.

Decision is an important element in this socio-political ideology. By realizing the importance of carefully made decisions, we come to understand the meaning of our existence and those around us.

Compromising is a basic element that must be applied in order to realize a decision that has been made carefully. Compromising for the purpose of our decisions will never be wrong as long as it can light up our surroundings.

Enlightenment is needed as an executing element in this socio-political ideology, because without enlightenment there will be no realization of the ideas created.