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Loushinism | A Left-Wing Thought




Loushinism is a thought coined by Dr. Hashesent, Giora Blorano, and Arcalies Azarious. The fruit of this thought is poured out in order to manifest the results of the determination of an ideology and system that has been running quite successfully so far. Loushinism cannot be said to be completely communist or socialist, but Loushinism is rooted in leftist thinking and Loushinism is more comfortable being called as the root of reformist communism to a new and modern world.


Loushinism thought was started in 1960 by Dr. Hashesent, who at that time was trying to adapt the ideology of the communist party that was led at that time with various thoughts, one of which was the fruit of the discussion that says

"In fact no one in this world can do his work alone, the encouragement of the upper and lower classes on the basis of tolerance without highlighting the characteristics of the bourgeoisie can create a good socialist life"

From there began a new socialist thought, but because of the action by Asthoshent to Dr. Hashesent, then Dr. Hashesent and the communist party stopped their activities for a long time.

Then the December 5th revolution in 2020 has brought victory for the communists and the communist party alliance, the leader of the revolutionary movement, Giora Blorano, the originator of the second basis in the development of Loushinism, which says

"The proletariat can not only work as laborers, but traders in everyday life. A good relationship both between communities and small and medium-scale economic development can improve social, welfare, and economic life"

And lastly, in 2032, Arcalies Azarious, the originator of the third fruit of thought was phenomenal because he opposed Marx's thought which said

"Marxism teaches us to eliminate money, class, and state, but I say to all of you, in this world the struggle is greater. The close relationship between the communist nations and the bourgeois nations is increasingly visible and invisible the utopia promised by Marxism, therefore money will still exist, classes with tolerance but dominance on equality and justice, then the state continues to regulate regulations for the common welfare. only after the world becomes completely communist, then we let it all go"


Loushinism is a left-wing political idea or ideology related to the philosophy of Dr. Hashesent, Giora Blorano, and Arcalies Azarious on a more modern rebuke of communist idealism and true equality in order to create a just and prosperous society.


The balance in question is a balance between what is issued and what is obtained. The analogy is in how many apples when people pick four apples and how many apples when they don't pick them. Balance also includes life matters, such as ownership of things that are categorized as common property, such as houses and certain properties. Distribution of equal wages to each according to their ability and according to their work.


The social in question is social relations that should be realized by mutual peace and prosperity as well as cooperation between each other without distinction of class, with tolerance, with wisdom, and with common needs and the state as a priority. A social life that builds and a mutually beneficial social life and builds mutual prosperity by applying the practice of honesty and justice. Social welfare and community welfare by implementing joint policies from the people for the people.


An economy that is mixed with a kind of socio-capital is a common thing and is used not to enrich oneself for personal greed and greed, but for the common good and to stimulate the wheel of the economy more broadly in order to create a planned free market.


The communism that is being fought for is not a communist who upholds uniformity and genocide or other racism, but upholds a prosperous communist life by eradicating uniformity and uniting differences in a spirit of solidarity without discriminating against each other and trying to uphold the promise to fight for freedom, embrace diversity and prosperous solidarity social life.


In everyday life, with the establishment of the principle of intellectualism, we the people must instill fast work and smart work. Working smart must avoid economic monopoly activities and other things, freedom of speech must also be considered for intelligence in choosing words.


In the freedom of individuals to instill personal rights, of course, they must be evaluated with equity, so the rights they take are no longer enemies of communism but rights with equity. Rights without equity will be very dangerous, too much rights will leading all governed society to redemption and chaos. Rights with suppression will leading all governed society to madness. Equity is important and the same to rights.


Revolution in modern times is known by another name, namely reform, although the definition is different. The reforms that we carry are reforms towards the modern world with progressive values of communism and socialism that have also been reformed. Religious equality is also included in the modern program because we know every human being needs holy time with their respective God to help their social life run the wheels of communism in their country. Every religion must be equal to the reforms that are being driven.


Loushinism is a combination of balance and justice which is manifest in the form of leftist teaching. The struggle of the left is increasingly evident when we all walk with tolerance and solidarity, law and order are needed but must be balanced with some of the personal rights of the proletariat in earning a living, education and worship. Religion is important but must be at par with the modern reforms that are currently underway. That way, every revolution has their own path to through!