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The Union of Neko Dictatorship of Loush Land

“Inside our tattered heart and wounded arm there's home!” Dear Comrade Qizura Azare

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
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Regional Influence: Auxiliary

Location: The Everlasting Kawaii Empire



Book of Loush Land | NationStates' Journey

This is a simple story of my journey around NationStates.

On 15 November 2019, I found this website after searching for a long time for a political simulator game. I found it interesting and decided to try my first experience playing NationStates. I give my first nation the name of Loush Land, and that's how Loush Land was born into NationStates. Loush Land was born in the East Pacific when Marabuk is still the World Assembly Delegate of the East. Loush Land was born as a nation that already has autocracy, with its first classification as Iron Fist Consumerists.

I altered the first Loush Land's flag, the red shield with a white pentagon in the middle of the shield, I called it the 'Holy Pentagon' flag. I routinely check up on Loush Land every single minute, I love the issues that always keep me busy. One day, I ask my friends to play the same game, and then my first friend on the entire website is West Loush Land, they used to have The West Loush Land as their main nation.

I used to hate communism because of my real country's nationalist doctrine. I was a far-right nation back then, I always intended to destroy some communist regions such as the Communist Bloc or the Leftist Assembly.