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The Union of Neko Dictatorship of Loush Land

“Inside our tattered heart and wounded arm there's home!” Dear Comrade Qizura Azare

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
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Regional Influence: Auxiliary

Location: The Everlasting Kawaii Empire



Neko Union | Overview

Union of Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship
Neko Ruyon Retacarte Coreroyoun (Loushie)
Neko Roushinismi Jutyoni Teito-se (Ozara)
Persatuan Kediktatoran Neko-Loushinis (Nakano)

National Motto:
"Qaize Neko Wenshia! Saize!" (Loushie)
"Kotore Neko ni Dorue! Konze!" (Ozara)
"Bangkit Rakyat Neko! Maju!" (Nakano)

National Anthem:
Estashie se Xersi!
March of the People!

Neko Union's territory with green

Capital City and Largest City: Xi Lan
Economic City: Lyne

Population (Central): 5,287,000,000
Population (Total): 45,383,000,000

Official Language: Loushie

National Language(s):
Loushie, Habi, Kawaii, Nakano, Kanoso, Nevalian, Ozara, Sonare, Boselian, English

Ethnic Group(s):
Native Loushian, Kawaii, Asian, Nevalian, Boselian, Zanimhvian, Baveltian, Sonarean, European, American, Nakanonia, Gavo-Zeiran, Baverian

State Religion[1]

Demonym: Loushian

Unitary Socialist-Loushinism state under benevolent dictatorship with One Party Multi Coalition rule

  • Paramount Leader, President, General Secretary and Supreme General Leader of NPA:
    Qizura Azare

  • Vice-President:
    Zarra Daeshimi (Acting)

  • Premier:
    Rio Daszare (Acting)

  • Chairman of ND:
    Yugiko Santrevi

Legislature: Supreme Neko Assembly

>375 Estacius Group Period
375 - 867 Louz Empire
867 - 1504 Louz Kingdom
1504 - 1611 United Empire of Louz
1611 - 1706 Second Kingdom
1706 - 1716 Netherland Invasion
1716 - 1960 Loush Monarchy
1960 - 1988 First Republic
1988 - 2014 Asthoshent's rule
2014 - 2018 Lordesians
2018 - 2020 Second Republic
2020 - (Current) Neko Union

Land Area: 23,873,112 km

GDP (Per capita): $38,118.50
GRP: $115,727,780,427,410.00

HDI: 90.22

National Currency: Tenalzuria (LZ)

Time Zone: UTC - 9 to UTC + 10

Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY

Drive Side: Left

Phone Code: +176

ISO 3166-1: LL

Internet Service: .ll

Neko Union
A country in the Loush continent

Union of Neko-Loushinist Dictatorship (Loushie: Neko Ruyon Retacarte Coreroyoun; abbreviation: NRRC) or better known as Neko Union is a country that stretches across the Loush continent in the Loush realm which is also a part of Loush continent, that has more than 4 billions population of Loushian. It borders between The Democratic People's Republic of Oxams in the north and Trinity Islands in the south, also between Vantria Olvos in the east and The Loushinist Republic of Baarbur in the west. Xi Lan is the capital city and the largest city in the country and on the continent. The economic city is also located in Xiju-Aryonara with the second economic city in Bonehan.

Loush Land was formed around 375 with a monarchy system that lasted for almost centuries and was then torn down by the power of the people around 1960 to become a pre-republic and 1988 to become a federal republic and then turns into unitary republic from 1995 until now. In 2020, the red revolutionaries led by Giora Blorano succeeded in throwing over the nationalist-starlist government that existed for 60 years. But unfortunately the government lasted temporarily and collapsed in 2025 marked by conflict and civil war that did not stop until 2032, when Loushinism was born. In 2043, Loush Land officially became a Dual States which oversees two independent countries that work together to form a structured government. Between 2043 until 2045, the Dual States or Aishi Dynasty had to fight the Reformist to win the civil war. In the other hand, the students, especially from Xiju Academy are strongly against the war. The conflict never ended since then, the student councils around Loush Land and its states forming the councilship in 2045 and proclaimed to be the independent unitary state. But the councilship doesn't last for long after finally Aishi Dynasty won the war in 2045.

After several power disputes between the Aishi Dynasty with other dynasties, finally on 28 December 2043, Aishi gave the power to the communist party and ruled ever since. According to the country's current constitution, Loush Land is an independent country led directly by a semi-absolute dictatorship and a union of Loushinism States. They hold elections, even though they declare themselves as a "semi-absolute" and literally a "dictatorship" under the one-party multi-coalition rule. Propaganda is spread through the country and brings love to the people, especially in Nekodam and other several cities. The government also pushed every single Loushians to respect and obey the government if they wanted to survive in the country.

Loush Land is known globally for its political theory and philosophy, not just that, the yandere population in Loush Land is the majority here which makes tourism increase to see the "lifestyle of a yandere" works. Its largest industry is dominated by very rich state-owned companies and distributed equitably and fairly.


The word Loush is taken from the English dictionary, namely Lush, which is then processed into a sentence published in Loush English and makes the word Prosperity the same as the meaning of Loush. The first person to give this name was King Ericsthoshent who was the First Monarch. Then in 1960 there was an overhaul of the word Loush for this country. General Asthoshent refused to accept the former name of the "monarchy" of the Echosant era which had committed genocide to the people of Loush. He added the word "Land" and formalized the country under the name Loush Land. The word Loush Land can eventually be transformed into many things in its meaning, such as fertile land, prosperous land, or other translations such as Loush Landia.


Fossil collector, 1895

Estacius Group Period
Estacius Group is actually almost the same as humans in general. However, this prehistoric human development was more active in this country. Estacius Group is used as a sample that ancient humans once set foot in this country and named the group with the name Estacius which means human. The original descendants of Estacius Group still hold the name Estacius as their race or tribe.

The First Empire
After development over time, Estacius Group finally began to collapse and settle down on Main Island and began to form a form of government that was more organized and tidy. Zaruru I is the first leader (adjusted based on historical relics). According to historical literature, the form of the formation of this nation was an empire and historians firmly believe that the empire was their guide in living their days of politics. This empire finally collapsed due to conflicts between Estacius, which was finally replaced in 867 by a more modern monarchy, namely the kingdom.

The First Kingdom
After the fall of the first empire, Estacius' pro-kingdom group finally succeeded in establishing this kingdom. It is known that this country is developing rapidly, including inconsequential ideas about the abuse of power. From year to year the kingdom imposed a massive tax system on the people. At that time the people still used the Matts currency (adjusted based on historical relics). Matts formed from metal or gold are still used by the special province of Loush Land. After taxes, the employment of slaves and corruption. After almost triumphantly oppressing the lower class, the aristocrats were finally overthrown by the slaves and workers and the idea of revolution to restore the empire emerged. It is known that in 1504, the underlings managed to kick out the nobles and make Jonnavan the next emperor.

The Second Empire
The second empire officially stood and was soon overthrown by the remaining aristocrats, and finally, in 1611 the second empire fell and the second kingdom was re-established.

The Second Kingdom
Almost the same as the second empire, the second kingdom did not last long due to the entry of the invaders in 1706. The Dutch with their expeditions crushed the nobility and enslaved the lower class.

Dutch arrivals, Queen Litsbetha IV arrested, 1706

Netherlands Invasion
During the great expeditions of the 15th century, Europeans were looking for countries to colonize. Including Loush Land, colonization almost occurred in Loush Land. Historians from Loush Land refuse to mention that the Netherlands succeeded in colonizing but only almost colonized with evidence that for 10 years the Dutch had not been able to occupy a colonial seat in Loush Land and all of its lands. This is where massive upheaval occurred. During the occupation of the Dutch Empire, the people and tribes of Loush Land always resisted imperialism there but always failed. For 10 years, Loush Land was an unofficial colony of the Dutch Empire which led to several activists from the Netherlands who managed to reclaim Loush Land for the original people there. This is also why there are European and western people entering Loush Land.

The lower classes feel they do not deserve to be treated like and serve foreigners as kings above them. So there were many rebellions. One of the saddest was the West Loush naval battle. Where, almost all the underclassmen rebelled with emotion, which culminated in them sinking the Dutch ship which was taking some equipment.

The rebellion also occurred internally, namely the Dutch themselves who were experiencing civil war, so that the Dutch people began to migrate a lot, including Eric. Eric anchored in Loush around 1710 and within 6 years, Eric and the founding father of Loush managed to drive the colonials back to the Dutch kingdom.

Loush Monarchy
The establishment of the Loush monarchy made the people of Estacius happy and felt grateful to the Dutch who turned around. To distinguish Estacius from the others, since 1716 the calling of the indigenous people as Estacius and others Estaciuscanian was published. The Monarchy of Loush includes 3 eras, namely the first era, the worst, and the darkness. The dark era was the last era that ended the monarchy in Loush and was taken back by General Asthoshent. During the reign of King Erictoshent, the Kingdom of Loush got its abundant glory and was a golden time there, but entering the era of the worst monarchy, the development of iron has been discovered and almost entered the industrial revolution. Queen Anneshent used a lot of iron and machine power to do many battles against the western countries.

First ship platoon anchored in Europe, 1897
At that time, propaganda spread to destroy and conquer the western world. Battleships at that time were very available and immediately launched into Europe to carry out war and massive propaganda. The first battleship platoon docked in Europe around 1897 and the last battleship platoon docked in the Caribbean islands around 1956.

With that time, Queen Annes only managed to conquer the mainland of Nevalia leading to Europe, and the mainland of Zanimhv. Where about 23% of the results of the success of the propaganda and the rest is severe damage to the country and the marines squad. Because of that, the Loush Kingdom was getting a lot of debt because it had to buy a lot of equipment for the country. For this reason, his son Echosant killed his mother, Queen Annes, on the grounds of restoring the economy. The people cheered because the Queen was dead. However, unfortunately this new power was even more evil than before. Millions of people were killed and in genocide without being wronged, this caused hurt and resistance struggles from the community and the army who defected to the people. There was fierce fighting and an agreement between the people's troops and the most influential party in Loush Land, namely the Loush Land Communist Party or LCP. The LCP and the people's troops agree to free the Kingdom of Loush from the clutches of the evil Echosant. There was a two-front battle. Battles took place from 1956 - 1960, during which the Loush Kingdom was further deteriorated and finally defeated with Echosant's head beheaded in public to end the monarchy era in Loush Land.

This is an era that is not officially referred to as a form of government. Because at that time, Asthoshent was still preparing his country to become a republic. After successfully overthrowing Echosant as king, Asthoshent took the scepter at Loush Land and declared himself a leader of the Loush nation. At that time, he declared himself President but he went to Europe to study political science so Dr. Hashesent as interim President with a term of service from 1960 to 1972 which was then forcibly overthrown by Asthoshent because he wanted to make Loush Land a communist state.

Federal Republic
Inauguration of the establishment of the Federal Republic of Loush Land after the signing of the union letter of the Loush states which prior to secession from the Echosant regime. After entering 1988, General Asthoshent unilaterally declared the Federal Republic of Loush Land led by Asthoshent. This resulted in many conflicts and wars indirectly with the central government. Although unofficial, all states that are declared federations include the Federal Republic of Loush Land even though it was ultimately dissolved in 1995 by the central government.

1st Democracy
In this day and age, Asthoshent issued a series of repeated propaganda to undermine the sovereignty of the Confederation and other Loush Federations. This propaganda stands when it enters the era of the First Democracy. Asthoshent's efforts turned out to be in vain and he finally fell ill around 2012 and died in 2013. He was replaced by a random parliament which made Loush Land a little reference back to feudalism.

Marks on fire, 2018

Vitoshent or Lorde Vitoshent is a Lorde or Leader who legalizes the formation of a sovereign Loush Land with the Lordesians system. He sought to unite the republic and the monarchy into one with a single and lasting leadership trait. However, these efforts failed after poverty inflation in 2017 and the fall of the monetary crisis in 2018. There was brutality during the Lordesians' reign, because of the imposition of the system and state administration, every citizen must support and must not fight at all against the official government.

Prior to 2018, Vitoshent was still working on that Lordesians was the only system suitable for implementation in Loush Land. But finally the nationalists and democrats opposed Vitoshent's requests and ideas so that in 2018 he abolished the Lordesian system and restored the glory of democracy and appointed a representative of democracy, namely Dashtoshent, as the new president.

2nd Democracy
The triumph of democracy returned the economy of Loush Land which was previously slumped. Dasthoshent was awarded the title of father of national development who succeeded in bringing Loush Land to the breaking point. Unfortunately, however, a new system was put in place where the president could only serve once a year and could not be re-elected, which was passed previously by Vitoshent. Because of this new system, Dasthoshent had difficulty building infrastructure even though the economy was already successful. The stick of leadership turned to the next president, Hardforvk, where he turned Loush Land into a state with a dictatorship and he was at the center, torturing every citizen to go to war with the communist nations around Loush Land. Then after Hardforvk's death, the staff of leadership was taken over by the next president, Manisto, where he was very lousy and could not be responsible for his country. He resigned the same day he was appointed.

Protest for Manisto, Shentsvka, 2020

The movement started when Rogene took office, where he began to make major changes in Loush Land, such as building infrastructure and competing with global industry. Not only that, the service that we can still feel today is the railroad linking Loush Land to all areas that previously did not exist during the golden years of 2nd Democracy. After that, the election of Vander Welhomeshent started a new, brighter era for the people of Loush Land where he strengthened global competition and the free market in Loush Land and managed to gain large sympathizers from various countries totaling 181 countries. During Vander's tenure, there was turmoil over his controversial policy of very high taxes and given laws that pay high taxes. Then finally Vander died due to being poisoned and now his staff of leadership was taken over by the next 3 presidents who were also forced to resign by the people and we arrived at the last president in 2nd Democracy, namely Staltse Deoshent. Staltse made a controversial policy that allowed the separatist state Loush Landia to conquer Shentsvka, the capital, on the one hand Staltse was like a traitor, but on the other hand there was the LCP and its leader Giora Blorano who rebelled against this policy and succeeded in taking over Arlais. Then the collapse of 2nd Democracy happened.

Children Propaganda, 2020

Communist Regime and Ordarium
This article is a part of Loushinism
Seeing the failure of 2nd Democracy, Giora Blorano declared the People's Republic of Loush Land, where the LCP returned to power there and also fought the separatist movement carried out by Loush Landia. The 5th October Declaration was officially made as a slogan for the triumph of communist utopia, but this did not last long. At the same time as this declaration, youths and imperialist lovers who had always been allowed to form their own government centered in Shentsvka and the People's Republic of Loush Land in Arlais. After that, the Ordarium was formed at the initiative of imperialist lovers and was also funded by the separatist state, Loush Landia. At that time, Arcalies, the head of the LDP, stepped forward to confront the RWRP and the NDRP movement and then succeeded in protecting the Arlais administrative center and dissolving the Ordarium. RWRP was successfully dissolved and the NDRP was crushed to its roots. Nearing that, Giora, the leader, died as a result of being shot by one of the NDRP members. Then Arcalies ascended to the throne and began to abolish traditional communist ideas and form revolutionary communism, Loushinism was born.

GiS Movement, 2020

3rd Democracy
The formation of Loushinism also started the birth day of 3rd Democracy, at which time Arcalies was president and prime minister of the Union of Loush Republics. Arcalies also began to instill ideas of prosperity and revolutionary communism which was very different from communism in general and was slowly being accepted by the people. After that, the Arcalies government also formed a one-party institution which was always won by the LCP at that time. This era also restored the economic downturn in Loush Land and also the increase in the level of education and intelligence of the community which eventually forced Arcalies to dissolve the Union of Loush Republics, finally dissolving as well. Then the people demanded that the leader not be led by a brief position and not alone. Finally, ended 3rd Democracy after the resignation of Arcalies.

Propaganda poster, 2032

4th Democracy
The election of the Arcana Arbiterium is the birthday of 4th Democracy. With this era, the Arcana formed a government based on the principles of Loushinism and absolutes also an unitary state of republic. Formed and led by a single party system, but in coalition with other parties. Completion occurred when entering the Arez Starlia era where he formed a semipresidential system and was led by Dual Power, the president and absolute prime minister. Before reaching its current heyday, Loush Land has repeatedly changed its leader, system, state system and form of government. And because of that, the surrounding countries are affected by these changes.

25G Treaty Declaration and Reunification of Loush Nations
In 2038, Agatha Maosyra Hen'gan was elected as the next president. Agatha Maosyra took serious about the reunification of Loush nations. She drove everything she could to reunified Loush nations into one big country, she is willing to invade the traitors territory. In 2039, she and the communist party of Aozora limit its access to help other Loush nations except Loush Land. In the end, other Loush nations are starving and not just Loush nations but nations such as 5 Nakano and Xouland got the same fate, and in order to restore back their appetite, Agatha Maosyra gave those nations hard choices, war or unification. Majority of Loush nations agreed to unified with Loush Land execptions for Xouland, because they are not the part of Loush nations.

The Dual States
In 2042, Saen Azare signed the 'Dual States' treaty to unify Loush Land and their neighbour state, OneOnlyOne. It was a great success until Saen was shot to death. Some of the activists and political observers said it was the Violetist fault on the assassination of Saen. The dual states continues to grow, until in 2043 when the Reformists tried to take back Loush Land from the Aishi Dynasty that accused for being brutal to citizens. From 2043 - 2045, the civil war started in Loush Land and that civil war suppressed all the freedom for the people. In the other hand, the dual states popularity began to decreased after the councilship union declared their independency over their own states.

The Councilship Union declaration
After a never ending series of internal conflicts. The demonstrators who were composed of students from Xiju Academy began to invite many other academies scattered in Loush Land to declare an independent government in order to demand an end to the never ending conflict. On March 1, 2045, the Councilship Union was declared.

Re-establishment of the Aishi Dynasty Dictatorship
The councilship union was losing power and support after Ayano Aishi launched her very best regiments to Xiju and Nekodam. Aishi Dynasty became immediately gain lot of supports from the people after the failure of the councilship union to solve discrimination over minorities in several territories. Ayano Aishi and her army surrounded all sides of Xiju city and destroyed all communication networks of the councilship union. On March 6, 2045, state power was fully under the control of the Aishi Dynasty. Vinentia Burue Miveszi, the former prime minister of the Dual States was executed in public because he was accused of being incompetent to carry out her work while in office.

Dear Neko Dictatorship Union and Current Constitution
Aishi Dynasty clashed with several other dynasties and dispute the highest position in Loush Land, until finally the Azare Dynasty took control of the power and authority in Loush Land. Loush Land began to rebuild the military and focusing the nation's top priority to expand their influence and getting out of war debt. When Empress Zarra ascended the throne, Loush Land was slowly repaired from the root of the biggest problem by eradicating the rebels and cornering many parties to join forces to make this country successful with a system designed and negotiated by Zarra. Not to be outdone, the reformists also did the same thing, Chinatsu Okogime began to revise many policies and regulations that were considered too discriminatory and freed the dynasty to join the communist party. After several steps taken by Chinatsu succeeded in impressing many people with the communist party, Empress Zarra appointed Chinatsu as prime minister.

After a few months in office, Zarra abdicated as royalty and served in civil society before being appointed by Qizura as Chinatsu's successor as prime minister, since then, Loush Land has turned into a socialist giant that thrives on the continent.


Lemicia city view, Carcalies District, Loush Landia

Basic geography
Loush Land is one of the countries with the largest land area in the world, with such an area of land, the scenery in Loush Land is no less than its area. Since 1988, Loush Land has started to focus on the scientific and the expanding infrastructure makes Loush Land filled with views of developed and bustling cities. Several policies and further steps were taken to carry out industrialization which was hampered by a corrupt and heinous government. So the central government issued a warrant in 1988 to build massive infrastructure and part of the natural environment was confiscated as a result. Some areas in Loush Land also include areas that are quite fertile and are preserved on a limited basis by the government and local managers. Due to the country's many discoveries and research into the world of science, the geography of Loush Land was also heavily impacted. Advances in economics, transportation and scientific discoveries made Loush Land filled with a variety of man-made landscapes such as skyscrapers and streets that are no longer green. However, several leading scientists make artificial grass that is developed and used as a garden for the public from the results of genetic engineering.

Yae genetic park, Centia District, Balvetic-Bostanemh

The northern part of Loush Land produces more wood for export, then on the east side there are a lot of various plants that are used for medicine, research and cultivation. In addition, in the western part, there are a lot of fruit-producing plants which are then preserved for attraction and export activities. In the south, it is rich in fish and a thriving trout industry.

Topography and climate
The entire area experiences light four seasons climate, with temperatures ranging from 6°C - 16°C, its gonna be so cold in the entire northern and southern area, and the hottest temperature in the middle area. In May there will be a winter and in October there will be dusty wind, as a respond from the government, every citizen required to wear mask and glasses during dusty wind in October. But as usual, students still need to go to school no matter how cold or dusty the weather is.

Loush land has most of the land-shaped area, and part of the land is occupied by highlands and some lowlands and mountains. The plateau is a fairly cold area in Loush Land and the mountains there are very wide and quite narrow because they are centered in one area. With such conditions, some citizens there work as farmers who are quite rich because the land is always fertile. Meanwhile, those who live in the lowlands are mostly office employees, although not all people who live in the highlands and mountains cultivate crops, instead they prefer to work in offices rather than farming. This resulted in the decline in the value of agricultural production so that almost all scientists took part in the "Science and Agriculture" project in Loush Land which developed modern and structured agriculture so that it was less dependent on nature.

With these conditions too, many tourists are interested in going and having a vacation in Loush Land. Regardless of the country's background, Loush Land is a country with unique beauty that really attracts the attention of tourists. Besides that, the animals that are preserved in Loush Land make the fauna aspect quite good.

Natural disasters
Some things to know in Loush Land are because the shape and structure in the geography are quite significant and the weather is quite extreme, almost 20% of the people in Loush Land suffer quite a lot from the extreme cold weather in May. In addition, there are frequent typhoons in August and October, causing damage to many citizens' homes in Loush Land.


Asthora Square, Asthora Territory, Loush Landia

According to the latest population census estimate for 2034, Loush Land has about 3 billion total population. This is of course due to the rapid growth of the economy and population, making this figure soar from year to year. The total population is almost a demographic bonus because with this fantastic number Loush Land has a very high HDI and is a wealth of human resources. This development is also supported by technology, education and law. This fairly large population is deeply religious and one of the most devout in the world. Apart from that, the people in Loush Land apply an honesty system which of course is still being applied to this day.

The most common language in the country is Loush. The Loush language was inaugurated nationally in 1974. According to research by leading scientists and historians in Loush Land, since the formation of the Louz Empire, they have used an unknown form of native language. Judging from the characters, they had their own characters that made scientists confused enough about the official language for the time that many people concluded that it was a "Loush Natives" language. In addition, the entry of the Dutch Empire to Loush Land made a lot of Loush Natives' literary literature scrambled, from 1706 to 1716 many of the indigenous people of Loush Land used the Dutch language at that time. Loush Land's independence over the Dutch Empire led to many language changes in Loush Land, including an updated script calling it "Loush". The Loush language has been in since 1716 but it is very complicated to learn and only certain groups can translate it. In 1895, Queen Annes inaugurated "Loush English" which aims to reform the national language. There were three changes in the language, namely in 1899, 1902, and 1917. After the events of 1921, the people of Loush Land began to reuse the revised 1917 "Loush English". Then, due to the ineffectiveness of speaking in that language, General Asthoshent took the initiative to combine the three the main language that was used and perfected its spelling and was inaugurated in 1974. Then the entry of Asian culture to Loush Land, remodeled the language again in 1988. And to this day Loush Land still adheres to the Loush language in 1988.

Loush Land has one major religion and is the majority religion there, namely Loush Christianity and has been preserved and preserved for centuries. Apart from that, other people in Loush Land also adhere to other religions such as Loush Catholic, Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Shinto, and Taoism. Even though this religious difference is quite significant, it does not make the people of Loush Land jealous and envious of each other. Loush Land is also one of the countries most tolerant of differences in beliefs, culture and ethnicity. This is what makes Loush Land a fairly safe country in the eyes of the world.

Largest Cities



Total population

District in




Loush Landia




Loush Landia


Asthora Square


Loush Landia




Loush Landia




South Loush Land


Balvenia City


Loush Landia

Government and Politics

Loush Land is an unitary state. Loush Land is governed under a government based in Arlais, Arlais Province. Loush Land is also under the great control of the Loush Communist Party and its ideology, namely Loushinism. The head of state is a president, assisted by the head of the government is the premier. The legislature called the United Congress, there is no political or level divison inside the legislature body. Inside the law practice, there is also no judiciary inside Loush Land. People deemed necessary to stand trial will be immediately prosecuted by the national security agency, and the minister for social vigiliance. Loush Land is a large and unitary country, led by a president which means a republic. This country's literature shows that Loush Land has been under monarchy for 1585 years. Then entering 1960, Loush Land turned into a centralist republic and in 1988 it became federal, then again became centralist in 1995. The current constitution recognizes that Loush Land is a communist country, but some political scientists think and also say that Loush Land is more inclined towards the socialist direction. However, the government and the LCP acknowledge their current existence as communists. The leadership in Loush Land is highly autocratic, where the people cannot elect the president directly but must pass through an intermediary board of the LCP. Meanwhile, democracy is applied in the election or appointment of the premier, the premier can be elected democratically but it is very unfortunate because his tenure is for life for both.

Administration divisons
In accordance with the current constitution, Loush Land claims 26 Enshuo (Semi-Independent State) and 6 TEMA (Direct Central Territory) across the Loush Land mainland including those disputed by Vantria Olvos which claims Olvosia as their former territory. The case of Vantria Olvos and Loush Land was resolved diplomatically in 2031 and the Olvosia region succeeded in entering the Loush Land mainland.




Capital City




Kawaii City




Holy Sanctuary














New Xouland










Dawn of City Lights








Starlight Gehena Metro city






Joy Landia




Saint Verhald






Xielane Trinida


5 Nakano




The North Nevalia




The Central Nevalia


Truffsky Central


The South Nevalia






Sonare Square








Empress City


Pena New Land




New Cyberheaven


New Lantica




Rhea Square






La Risolle










Kirukia Al Zibun




Capital City


Loush Landia




The West Loush Land




The North Loush Land




The East Loush Land


Grand Eastern


South Loush Land




Avethemour-Loushia and Boseldonia



Loush Land has a fairly strong and large military force and its strength is quite good, considering that the people of Loush Land are obliged to participate in military service. Loush Land has troops or soldiers that we call the United People's Revolutionary Line (UPRL) which has a large number of personnel and a high budget of $1,293,658,799,895.00. These armed forces are the main protectors and guardians of security and peace across the border and become the first guard on the battlefield. For the police, Loush Land has a police force called the Unitary State's Civil Protectors (USRLCP). Loush Land also has weapons of mass destruction that were used at the beginning of the war from 1988 to 2013 and then the law that enacted it was repealed in 2013 and then reinstated it after Arcalies' rise to power in 2030.

Foreign Relations
Loush Land has very close relations with the former founding countries of Aozora and now become The Everlasting Kawaii Empire, such as Yozakura, Tordans Sovexaskers, OneOnlyOne and even its closest partner who once declared enemy status but has returned to business is The Greater China. The establishment of Aozora was a journey of influential foreign policy relations in Loush Land, because with Aozora developing on the side of Loush Land, Loush Land gained considerable influence from neighboring countries and other regions. Apart from Aozora, Loush Land is also one of the pioneers of the founding of the Siesta Union (SU) or the trade and military union with the Grand Peppian Commonwealth and Temple Prime. This also strengthened diplomatic relations with So Pep and the Federation of sarawak. In addition, Loush Land is also a well-known nuclear developer in areas that are still lacking nuclear power but are trying to make it such as Korea Raya, Balvetic-Bostanemh, and Vantria Olvos.

Prior to the formation of The Everlasting Kawaii Empire, Loush Land had worked with several parties to form a union that was mutually agreed upon under the name The Necronimbus Confederation (TNC), this was fully supported by Southern and Northern Caledonia (SANC), The slavic rus (TSR), The reformation of qing dynasty (TRQD) and then successfully launched in 2021. Then the formation and uniformity of the new The Anti Fascist Protection Unit (AFPU) which was founded by SANC and then Loush Land served as General Leader, as far as TNC was established, AFPU made great progress by releasing 3 regions in the same month. Unfortunately this did not last long, at which time Loush Land made a slightly sensitive decision to leave TNC and establish Aozora. TNC then launched a series of Anti-Loush propaganda, which further divided TNC. Seeing this situation, Loush Land disbanded TNC by staging a coup against a legitimate government led by SANC and TSR, hoping that SANC could re-establish TNC, but it is unlikely that it will ever come back. Loush Land immediately resigned as General Leader of AFPU and left the AFPU organization.


Loush Land Economy Statistic

Since entering the free market economic system in 2018 designed by Dasthoshent, the economy in Loush Land has risen rapidly to reach 80.90, unfortunately this has become damaged after the Giora Blorano rebellion in 2020 which was originally 80 dropped to 50.This was due to the economic shift from free market to a socialist market economy in a short period of time. Towards the end of Giora's leadership, Arcalies argued that a socialist-free market economy that was driven by the conservative values of Giora's thinking, finally created a big jump in Loush Land and finally hit 100 by the end of December. The economy of Loush Land itself is driven by several major factors such as the technology industry, transportation and taxes. Although the government imposes a sizable tax, some facilities such as health, education, military, medical care, and basic necessities are provided free of charge by the government and the rest is from the processing of corporate jobs.

The importance of technology in every aspect of life in Loush Land has also driven many changes in the designed economy, some joints have been controlled by the private sector but not all, because even if it is controlled by the private sector, Loush Land can still profit from it.

Socio-Capital Economy
This kind of economic practice is rare in some countries, but after seeing the implementation of China and Russia, this of course encourages the Loush Land government to practice the same thing but with the characteristics of Loush Land itself. This kind of socio-capital economy is implemented with corporations with state contracts that are bound and mutually beneficial to both parties, there is a free market but it is regulated by the state as in the idea of Giora Blorano.

Tenalzuria as Currency
Tenalzuria or Loutz was first publicly inaugurated as a currency in 1972 to stabilize the post-revolutionary financial crisis. Loutz is an acronym for Loush Tenazulria. Tenazulria is a name that was proposed in the big congress in 1960, then it was only inaugurated in 1972. So the meaning of Loutz is fertile Tenazulria. To this day, Loutz is a multinational currency that has been used by more than 40 countries.