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The Union of Neko Dictatorship of Loush Land

“Inside our tattered heart and wounded arm there's home!” Dear Comrade Rio Daszare

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Location: The Everlasting Kawaii Empire



Loush Land Leaders


Emperor Zaruru
|Louz Empire 375 - 415
His full name is Zaruru Llomina, he is a national thinker and philosopher who succeeded in uniting the Loush islands into settlements governed by the state administration. He served as the first emperor in the Louz Empire. His life is full of sweet memories for his people, he is a person who smiles easily, he died in 415 after having 12 children. It is evident from the results of his hard work that he still exists today, a golden jug used by him every time there is a drought to be distributed to the people with a large amount of water. The storage location is still the same, namely the Marks National Museum.

Emperor Zaruru II
|Louz Empire 415 - 543

His full name is Zaruru Llomina Azgama II, commonly called Zaruru II. He succeeded his father Zaruru to succeed the imperial throne. He is remembered for his stern repression of his people, contributing to the formation of the longest road in Loush, the Oxpirus road which is now called Razre. The people described him as a father to his people. He died in 543 with a lot of illness.

Emperor Yazokoso
|Louz Empire 543 - 678

His full name is Yazokoso Ulhanam Llomina IV. He is the youngest of Llomina's third generation. He was elected to inherit the throne by order of Zaruru II before he died. Yazokoso, while leading the empire, the empire always had an abundant harvest season. He is often dubbed the god of the harvest. Yazokoso is also fondly remembered for the way he spoke which always caught the attention of his people. He also fought the bloody tragedy that spread in the Empire, where the Llomina family was killed by rebels. Yazokoso survived the incident, but in 678 he was shot by an arrow in the neck and he died.

Emperor Hasane Kazuso
|Louz Empire 678 - 702

After Yazokoso was killed, his closest cousin who had survived the bloody incident was appointed the new emperor. The practice of the performance of the emperor was further reduced because of the greedy need for government under the emperor so that the emperor was cheated continuously. Hasane doesn't realize that he is being tricked, but gradually he finds out. When he wanted to reveal the lies and cunning of the government under him, he was taken by a mob of rebels and abandoned in a small room without eating or drinking, the next day he died rotting there. The government under him explained that Hasane had gone mad and had to be abandoned.

Empress Yane Llenime
|Louz Empire 702 - 711

After the incident, someone from the clan closest to Llomina, namely Llenime, namely Yane Llenime, investigated further, after she learned the truth, Yane led the troops from the empire which she had told the truth. Under Yane's incitement they succeeded in crushing the governments. A day later, Yane was appointed empress, replacing Llomina who had been in power for several generations at the request of the people. She died in 711 due to being poisoned by rebel groups.

Emperor Zajo Chistannes
|Louz Empire 711 - 755

Yane's younger brother, Zajo Chistannes Llenime, took over the empire. He made himself emperor and incited the imperial army to obey the divine order. He declared war on the rebel group that very day. Zajo set out to train 100 men into the army every day, he also set up defenses to the north and south. While the east he focused on trapping rebel troops. Zajo married Giana Llenime in 735 while preparing for a real battle. The war started in 740 with the target of the imperial court, the emperor joined the battle after preparing shelter for his children and their families. He controlled 1,000 foremost and strongest troops. Efforts to fight the rebels were successful, Zajo beat the rebels back to Trinity Territory. Zajo also sacrificed his life for the safety of the 6 troops who were besieged at that time. He died with respect, the people nicknamed him the god of immortal war. His affection for his family was immeasurable, he was ready because he was full of love for his family, country and people. He died in 755.

Emperor Sajesvk Hassavk
|Louz Empire 755 - 867

His full name is Sajesvk Hassavk Llenime, he is the younger brother of Giana, Zajo's wife. Sajesvk was the first to put forward an opinion on taxes in the Empire. Due to the post-war conditions, the people were unable to pay taxes, another philosopher from the empire argued that taxation was not a heavy thing, but a doctrine. Sajesvk and him have always grappled with taxation and effective forms of government. One day, Sajesvk was old and the son of the person he was always debating with was provoked to found the kingdom of Loush. In the end there was a coup against the Llenime generation and was just wiped out. A new queen has been established, and the empire is turned into a kingdom.

Queen Fannesa Jjahaseka
|Louz Kingdom 867 - 913

After becoming queen, Fannesa began imposing heavy taxes. Nobody can avoid taxes, so the country is bound by the tax system. Fannesa formed a small group whose task was to collect taxes properly and to play physically. She died in 913.

King Joseph I
|Louz Kingdom 913 - 1003

King Joseph I or Joseph Azanavan is the next generation king who is appointed according to the state administration. During his reign, Joseph was famous for his thick mustache which always greeted people in the morning but at the back, was a mustache for government purposes. He is known for corruption and the imposition of unlimited human labor. He also chooses landlords arbitrarily for his people even though the people are still able to manage the land. He died in 1003 due to a concussion due to falling from his bed.

King Zammen Passevk
|Louz Kingdom 1003 - 1123

Zammen was the third king of Loush who was famous for his preoccupation with the people. He was trained to become a very oppressive king to his people. The mentality of the people who was tired, he always forced him to work even harder. Even though many philosophers came to Zammen that slavery like this was very unworthy, he ignored it. He died in 1123 because he was hit by glass from an iron impact on his head.

King Unayan Uzu
|Louz Kingdom 1123 - 1207

Unayan is the only king who does not burden the people with heavy land management and taxation matters. He freed the people to fetch water in the palace in autumn, even allowing many foreign countries to enter with permission, for the purpose of expanding teachings and education. Unfortunately he died in 1207 quietly.

King Zambekan
|Louz Kingdom 1207 - 1256

His full name is Zambekan Azanavan, he is the third son of King Unaya. During his leadership, Zambekan eliminates the taxation system and replaces it with the Zamracy system or it can be said that all the people's possessions are 99% owned by the king alone, while the people seem to borrow 1% of the king's goods. This is determined so that people do not run away from the business world and economy so that it can continue to carry out inflation without being heavily burdened by taxes. He died in 1256 after falling from a royal ship.

Queen Litsbetha I
|Louz Kingdom 1256 - 1299

Her full name is Queen Bersvk Litsbetha Azanavan, she is famous for her super luxurious and magnificent life not because she is the queen but because of the blackmail from the common people. She formed the queen's guardian force or so-called MXQA (Maxularia Quin Astroplous) together with the queen, she exercised his arbitrary rights for abundant wealth. She died during an uprising in 1299.

Queen Litsbetha II
|Louz Kingdom 1299 - 1378

Her full name is Queen Bersvk Litsbetha Azanavan II, she is famous for her super luxurious and magnificent life just like her older sister. Litsbetha was taught to always do the people arbitrarily and the same thing happened as when Litsbetha I led, she died peacefully in 1378.

Queen Litsbetha III
|Louz Kingdom 1378 - 1411

Her full name is Queen Bersvk Litsbetha Azanavan III, she is the daugther of Litsbetha II, during his reign, the people did not hesitate to be tortured in such a way that the people grew disgusted by the royal family who treated them arbitrarily.

King Joseph II
|Louz Kingdom 1411 - 1504

He is the last king of this era, he is a king who is quite wise in this era of the kingdom. In 1502 there was a massive rebellion demanding Joseph II step down, the rebellion resulted in the residents of Estacius committing suicide so that the king would lose more of his people. In this day and age, King Joseph II had to face a decision. Because he was wise, he did not take the way of his ancestors in solving problems. He immediately stepped down from the throne and handed over power at the request of the people to restore the empire they once loved. King Joseph II being killed in this incident is arguably a suicide too. He died in 1504.

Emperor Jonnavan Hallensvk
|Second Louz Empire 1504 - 1611

Jonnavan was the only emperor of this era. During his reign, the people began to be liberated again almost like they were in the first empire era, but were eventually eliminated because Litsbetha IV, the daugther of Litsbetha III, killed Jonnavan to restore the second kingdom this time with her loyal troops who would torture anyone who resisted.

Queen Litsbetha IV
|Second Louz Kingdom 1611 - 1706

Litsbetha managed to take power, and treat people back arbitrarily. However, God answered the prayers of the believers, Litsbetha IV had to deal with the Dutch Royal soldiers who entered and controlled their territory. Litsbetha IV died of a heart attack in 1703 and Louz was taken over by the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a colony.

Governor Alan Van Basilius
|Netherlands Invasion 1706 - 1716

The 10 years of colonial rule by the Dutch Kingdom caused a long famine for the Louz people. Alan did not let the people eat for a long time, so that they felt sorry for the Dutch people and tried to free them from the grip of the Dutch Kingdom at that time. Eric Sthosentas, a mixture of Dutch and French, traveled to the western lands, namely in 1710 to Louz. And for 5 years he lived there to learn and satisfy his curiosity about the Louz people there. Finally in 1715, governor Alan was drawn to the Netherlands to carry out major military operations during the civil war. 1716 Eric Sthosentas and other founding fathers declare Loush's independence.

King Ericsthoshent
|First Loush Monarchy 1716 - 1821

After independence, Eric began to write good state order in a large book we know as Imperium I on the form of the state and others. Eric is blessed with 3 children who after that will continue his best work. He died in 1821 after getting stroke.

King Edammeshent
|First Loush Monarchy 1821 - 1896

Edammeshent is known for his extensive knowledge, he opened up large foreign exchange for large European companies ranging from economy to culture. He was awarded 1 daughter, and then died in 1896.

Queen Annes
|Worst Loush Monarchy 1896 - 1921

Annes was married to the nobility of Nevalia at a very young age. At the age of 19, she was impregnated by the noble's child and then the nobleman's son ran off somewhere with the responsibility he sacrificed for Annes alone. In the reign of Queen Annes, she often declared war with European countries that had initially established good relations. Then in 1921 she was killed by her only child.

King Echosant
|Dark Loush Monarchy 1921 - 1960

Echosant was justified in ending Annes's insane regime of power. During his reign, he formed a secret organization whose function was to get rid of anyone who tried to rebel, they were called Anti. Echosant is known to be sadistic and cold, he is like a murderer. The people called him the killer king. Then he was executed following the night's arrest by General Asthoshent in 1960.

General Asthoshent
|Free Loush State 1960

Led by a general in 1960, made the people feel safer. But that vanished, because the former leader of Anti took over the country with a coup he created.

Supreme Leader Baldeon Letsvka
|The Great Loush Regime 1960

Led by an iron fist supreme leader, Baldeon Letsvka makes everything worse more than ever. He introduced fascism to his practice in 1960, but it was quickly eroded by the western federation. He was killed by his younger brother, Elvina, who was previously allied with the leader of the western federation, then betrayed and took power.

Supreme Leader Elvina Letsvka
|The Great Loush State 1960

It did not last long, because the palace was surrounded by the people and the entire army sided with Loush's independence as a democracy, not a country with fascism. Elvina surrenders and is replaced by Asthoshent.

Dr. Hashesent
|First Loush Democracy Era December 22, 1960 - April 6, 1972

Due to illness, Asthoshent appointed representatives to lead Loush. Dr. Hashesent held the highest position as president and central chairman of the Loush Communist Party. He lied to the world assembly and made Loush a left-leaning country, after Asthoshent heard the truth, he went on a rampage and dissolved the communist party in Loush and exiled all its members to a remote island.

President Asthoshent
|First Loush Democracy Era April 6, 1972 - January 13, 2013

Asthoshent united all the divided and independent states in 1960, it unified through federal republics. Making Loush the central power. He later died of tuberculosis in 2013.

Lorde Vitoshent
|The Lordesians January 13, 2013 - December 31, 2018

Vito argues that a good country is feudalism, he forms a country with Lorde as its leader and teaches to vote when Vito is gone to elect a new leader. However, this idea was rejected by the people in 2018 and Vito finally eliminated Lordesians from the government system.

President Dasthoshent
|Second Loush Democracy Era December 31, 2018 - February 6, 2020

Vito argues that a good country is feudalism, he forms a country with Lorde as its leader and teaches to vote when Vito is gone to elect a new leader. However, this idea was rejected by the people in 2018 and Vito finally eliminated Lordesians from the government system.

President Hardforvk Fennasivkashent
|The Great Order February 6, 2020 - March 6, 2020

The great order is establish a dictatorship country because of Loush War I. Hardforvk is the central of all, and died at March 6, 2020.

President Manisto Bonavetashent
|The Great Shent Republic March 6, 2020

Just a coward man who run from his job!

President Rogene Genonianshent
|The Great Shent Republic March 6, 2020 - April 6, 2020

Rogene is an economist who managed to make Loutz successful again and almost equal to the Euro thanks to all the activities and planning that are very precise, but unfortunately he had to leave office because he was not elected again.

President Georgian Westhamv-Oxelem
|The Great Shent Republic April 6, 2020 - April 10, 2020

A Traitor from Loush Land

President Vander Welhomeshent
|The Great Shent Republic April 10, 2020 - May 9, 2020

Vander is a national hero who was raised after his heroic death defending Loush's sovereignty before further fragmenting.

President Kannoldy Lhonanshent
|The Great Shent Republic May 9, 2020 - June 25, 2020


President Daxerius Lhonanshent
|The Great Shent Republic June 25, 2020 - July 19, 2020

A coward man who cant fought the Hikayami Invasion!

President Tana Llaminashent
|The Reformation Shent Republic July 19, 2020 - August 1, 2020

Nothing to describe...

President Veroz Karayanshent
|The Great Valledesione Republic August 1, 2020 - September 19, 2020


President Staltse Deoshent
|The Great Starlist Republic September 19, 2020 - October 5, 2020


Supreme Leader Giorra Blorano
|The Great People's Republic October 5, 2020 - October 22, 2020

The reincarnation of Dr. Hashesent in 2020

Ordace Roxilum Xarse
|The Great Ordarium October 8, 2020 - October 24, 2020


President Arcalies Azarious
|Third Loush Democracy Era October 24, 2020 - December 30, 2020
| Fourth Loush Democracy Era December 30, 2020 - February 12, 2032

Born with the name Arcalies Azarious Vertanicus familiarly called Arcalies, he is the president and precerdal of the United Republic of Loush Land and is the second youngest government after former president general Asthoshent. Arcalies was awarded the Morning Star title because of his success in battling youth problems in Loush Land. He is still serving and active at the Shent Palace in the capital city of Arlais. Even though he looks young, Arcalies never once made a warrant for his own sake. Even though he is said to be president, he doesn't want to be called so formally, he is more familiar with his name and casual clothes, only at mandatory and formal events he wears Yusthra (traditional presidential / leadership dress in Loush Land).

President Arcana Arbiterium O'Geish
|Fourth Loush Democracy Era February 12, 2032 - March 16, 2033

President Debora Platanium
|Fourth Loush Democracy Era March 16, 2033 - Present Day