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The Multiversal empire of Life empire


Category: Capitalist Paradise
Civil Rights:
Very Good
Political Freedoms:
Very Good

Regional Influence: Superpower

Location: the power alliance



life empire

life empire is an advanced powerfull multiversal empire we are colonizing large parts of the multiverse but we are more than happy to co-exist with non-evil nations we utilize tech using quite a bit of 3 resoureces: lifeanium which generates a type of energy called power energy which can be usefull for weapons, forcefields, energy geneartion and more its also what our 1 power dollar coin is made of the 2nd resource is known as dragon`s gold wich converts 1 type of energy into a diffrent type of enegy at 100% efficiancy which is usefull to convert power energy obtained from lifeanium generators into other forms and is also what the 100 power dollar coin is made of the 3rd material is power stone which is very resistant (the other materials are resistant too but power stone is even more resistant) it is usefull in armour and in theory kinetic weapons but we prefer energy weapons using lifeanium lasers (shoots lasers created with lifeanium) and it is what our 10000 power dollar coin is made of