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National Flag

The Lucky Christmas Zombie of Lauds Epics

“Feeling Lucky, Punk?” Santa Claus

Category: Capitalist Paradise
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
Very Good

Regional Influence: Hermit

Location: Thessalia



Easter Eggs

Zombie Issue (Zombie Attack!)
Halloween Issue (A Holiday Masquerade)
Christmas Issue (Red Sleigh Down)
St. Patrick’s Issue (Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms!)

Completed Easter Eggs in Chronological Order
Fourth Wall Issue (Breaching the Great Fourth Wall of @@NAME@@)
Issues Issue (Please, Sir, We Want Some More Issues)
E Issue (Just Say No to E)
Cow Issue (Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement)
Pony Issue (Pony Peril)
Color Issue (What’s Your Favorite Color?)
Eggs Issue (World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary)
Moon Suburbs Issue (Suburbs Are Out Of This World)
Holy Issue (Should We Pull the Lever?)