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The Honorable Republic of Kwaj

“What's that smell?” Amata Kabua

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Location: The North Pacific



A proud military tradition

While not powerful in the traditional sense, and not possessing even a modicum of bravery, Kwaj has been highly successful militarily. Using the twin blades of deceit and treachery, combined with liberal use of lies and subterfuge, our brilliant leaders have fooled our neighbors into near constant conflict against each other. Why invest in mobile artillery, AEGIS class destroyers, 5th generation fighters or Multiple Independently targeted Reentry Vehicles when a completely unfounded allegation that South Krapistan is about to invade North Krapistan will work just as well to destabilize two irrational neighbors.

Not to say we don't enjoy pageantry and parades. We quite often march our cavalry forces down the main streets of the capital, looking resplendent in their armor and broadswords. (A proposal to upgrade their kit to assault rifles and Kevlar body armor was recently voted down). And our regimental bands are always available to perform at high school graduations or gas station openings.

Recent upgrades of our naval forces included the establishment of a Kings Guard surf platoon and a detachment of palace pike-men (mainly used for litter patrol).