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"To the Workers"

"To the Workers" is the national anthem of Kursibar, one of the few universally enforced traits of the nation. It is sung to the tune of "the Battle Hymn of the Republic" and was first written in 1961 by a Valens-loyal nationalist. Though the original lyrics would be viewed as horrifically racist today, the melody proved popular enough to be rewritten and instated as the national anthem in 1989. Today, "To the Workers" is most commonly heard at Kursibari football games.


1. Manned by loyal workers are the plants of Kursibar,
All equipment up to date, and managed near and far;
Never have you met a finer group of folks by far
Our work is marching on

2. Factory workers -- Kursibar and many foreign lands,
Every man is working with a willing heart and hand;
Doing each our bit to meet the field in its demands
Our work is marching on

3. It is us who plowed the prairies; built the cities where we trade;
Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid;
Now we stand content and wealthy midst the wonders we have made;
Our work is marching on

4. Oh, we know to toil is righteous and we know our cause is just;
For upon the brotherhood of man we firmly base our trust:
Let us strive to sell our bounty, for sell we can and must
Our work is marching on

Chorus: With our workers reputation,
Meeting every situation,
We are serving every nation,
To them we homage pay.

The Ideation of Kursibar