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Roleplaying experience (region=middle_earth_roleplay) As the nation of Elvea Falasse.

Role claim Saudi Arabia

History At this time in Saudi Arabia's history, the nation is doing well for itself. When World War II was going while technically neutral, they where de facto friends with the UK and in turn the Allies. The nation as we know it arose from the various states that existed in the area in 1923 where its first and current mornarch Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, through his own skill and a sprinkle of British arms and support. Was able to conquer the various nations and unite his country under his kingship (I will take the time to learn about these conquests and the history of Ibn Saud, both for the RP and as he is an interesting historical figure.) Currently the economy booms with the discover of the vast oil reserves in the 1930s, and as international rivalries blossom Saudi Arabia will stick with its historic western allies. Culturally the monarchy is strong and respected. Needless to say Islam has a very large impact culturally, politically, and even economically with the holy cities of Mecca and Medina being major tourist spots. With Sunnis, along with one of its sub branches Wahhabism being the most popular. What will be our oil rich, absolute monarchist with a dash of theocracy, center of the world's cultures, nation's future be?