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The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

“Democracy is a tool used to placate the masses” Katherine Karma

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Constitution of Keomora

Out of necessity, we, the people of the empire, acting through our duly elected representatives in parliament, through our nobility, and with the blessing of the crown, create this constitution to secure and govern our realm. In order to ensure prosperity and the fruits of enlightenment we recognize that all are equals in the eyes of the law, and that no circumstances such as wealth, or title shall grant immunity from justice. Recognizing the dangers faced from foreign and domestic dangers, we, from the lowest commoner to the crown itself, invest and surrender some of our sacred rights to ensure the survival of our nation.

Article One
Section One

All legislative power shall be vested in an Imperial Diet, composed of Parliament and the Council.

The Edgy Fempire of Keomora