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The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

“Democracy is a tool used to placate the masses” Katherine Karma

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The Kemori

"The Culture of Keomora in many ways can be described as old, if not ancient that despite the numerous threats has survived and adapted in an ever dynamic world. Grief and sorrows played their part in shaping our mindset, and with that comes a desire to ensure the very survival of their homeland and values."
Park Gon-hu, Professor of Keomoran History and Culture

With a population of 30 million, the Keomorans are the largest ethnicity within the Kemori people. Fiercely independent, and proud of the heritage, Keomorans view themselves as "Protectors of the Kemori"

Keomoran Cuisine is very diverse due to its influences from Perawin, Ipland, Jahe, and Upper Norseland. It is also influenced by the geographical location, in the south due to its humid climate rice has been a stable crop and forms the foundation of meals there. In the rocky soil of the hills and mountains of central Keomora, potatoes have thrived ever since it's introduction in 1284. To the north, the drier climate allowed for intensive farming for crops such as wheat, bailey, and corn.

Popular in the interior of northwestern Keomora, Kai-long is considered an iconic Keomoran meal. Consisting of beef, carrots, paprika, stewed in red wine and served alongside either rice, noodles, or potatoes.


The Kemori Empire
-Empire of Keomora
-Jahedain Tribes
-Grand Duchy Duchy of Kalakarta
-Principality of Akar
-Margrave of Ivion

The Edgy Fempire of Keomora