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Regional Influence: Diplomat

Location: The Western Isles



Duchy of Livon

The Duchy of Livon



Population: 5,720,000
-Density: 68.25/km^2

Capital: Livorino
Largest City: Livorino (580,000)

Official Language: None

National Language: Italian and French

Demonym: Livoran

- Head of Government: Prince Spartaco de Livorino [M]
- Minister of Foreign Affairs: Anastasie Dupuy [F]
- Minister of Defense: Maverick Porter [M]
- Minister of the Interior: Genesio Stellato [M]

Legislature: Legum Corpus


Land Area: 10,550 kmē
Water Area: 2 kmē
Water %: 0.00018%

Highest Point: 952m
Lowest Point: -2m

GDP (nominal): 37,000 USD
GDP (nominal) per capita: 184.44 Billion USD

Human Development Index: .892

Currency: The Yahratii

Time Zone: Western WI

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: 782

Internet TLD: .Lv

The Duchy of Livon

The Duchy of Livon is located in the Mesder Sea within the Western Isles. Nations close to it include Keomora, and more. The Duchy has two provinces, corresponding to each of the main islands that make up the Nation; Livon and Capri respectively. Due to it only being two small islands it only has a land area of 10,550 square kilometers and a little water area, but it does have a multitude of rivers.

The islands that are now Livon were first colonized by Kemori sometime during the third century (BCE), until the House of Livon came to power in 1734.

For the next centuries, the territory of Livon, under the guidance of the House of Livon, focused on Tourism, Gambling, and other service sectors. During the Cold War, Livorino served as a diplomatic destination for Summits and Conferences and other items such as that, both for nations within and out of the Western Isles.

Currently as it stands today Livorino is a very wealthy territory in comparison to its small population. The economy is strong and focused on market economics. Livorino is very involved in Diplomatic Affairs, and is a very cultured nation. In the modern world many people think of Livon when they want to go on vacation.


The Islands that Livon encompasses were found and settled by the House of Livon and thus were named after them and the head of their clan at the time, Capri Livon. Thus it was only natural for the new nation to be named such, especially with the family still leading the Duchy.


The territory of Livorino encompasses two islands and multiple atolls. The larger of the two islands is named Livon and the smaller Capri. Along with that there are multiple smaller atolls around the nation, mostly along the coral reef that runs along the southern part of the Islands. The nation claims these as they are a large part of the tourism and yachting industry.

The Island of Livon is the largest island and the one that contains the most population. It is part metropolis, part lush wildlife, and in the center lies an extinct volcano named Tar-Kan. The climate of Livon is Tropical and thus the part of Livorino that is not civilized is Jungle. The Island has a multitude of rivers that runs through it, stemming from the top of the volcano which is a lake. The lake at the top of the volcano is almost constantly replenished by the rains that travel to it by winds, due to its height rain that would usually not fall, falls into it replenishing it.

The Island of Capri is mostly wildlife, but does have a few towns in it that serve as where tourists go and stay for their trips within the Island. The coasts of Capri are rich in Wildlife as much of the area around is not extremely deep. The Italiat Coral Reef that runs from the southern part of Livorino also runs to here, and ends at the Eastern portion of the island. Thus the yachting and diving industry is prevalent here also.

Along the spine of the coral reef, there are numerous atolls. These are protected by the Livoran Navy as they are wildlife refuges. Tourists may see them, but may not set foot on them.


The history of the islands that now make up Livorino are undocumented except for in Geographical surveys. There were never any natives here, even when the first Keomorans arrived in the late 1300s.

Thus Duke Capri Livorino, his house and family, plus a bunch of colonists sailed from Keomora to start a colony. For the next century the pair of islands served as a trading post, not becoming much more.

In the 20th Century the small territory developed into a post-industrial nation focused on Tourism and entrepot trade. It became a large diplomatic presence, while retaining a well being of neutrality in any armed conflict.

Livorino is a principality, run by a prince who's title is hereditary within the Livorino family. The prince serves as the executive authority of the nation, acting as the chief diplomat, the commander in chief of the armed forces, and entrusted in the powers to execute the laws established by the Legum Corpus; he however swears fealty to the Keomoran Emperors.

The Legum Corpus is the legislative branch of the Principality in which it has 12 senators elected by the people for three year terms. They can serve as many terms as the people allow, and anyone can run to be a Senator once they are 30 years of age. In the case of a tie, the prince may cast a vote. Along with that the prince has the ability to veto a law by the Legum Corpus in which it will go to the people to vote on within 3 days of the veto.

The people have the ability to recall a Senator if they are able to get 10% of the population to sign onto a petition in which it will go to a vote which needs a simple majority of the voters. The citizenry also has the ability to get a bill up to the Legum Corpus if they are able to obtain 10% of the population as signatories. If the bill is defeated in the Legum Corpus the citizenry may have it go to a public vote if 25% of the population signs onto the bill, in which it will require a simple majority of the voters to pass.

Ever since the beginning of the nation, anyone over the age of 18 may vote, no matter the gender, race, sexual orientation, everyone has the rights of a citizen.


















The Population of Livorino, while mostly being Kemori, has a multitude of immigrants from around the world due to its beauty, freedoms, and economic opportunities. Around 75% of the population is of its original origin from Keomora, but there are many from other places in the world. The largest minority is Anglo-Saxon with 10% and other minorities include Asians, Muslims, and TWIslanders.

The Principality of Livorino has an average life expectancy of 80 years. Educational standards are that the entire population has a high school education and many have university diploma. Forwards from that the average age is quite young. Averaging in the late twenties. This is because of an odd thing where the majority of those who grow to an elder age leave the nation to somewhere quieter. Most surveys indicate this is because of the massive amount of Tourism on the islands. Along with that people will usually have kids when they are in their twenties thus this has been one of the main reasons the French and Italian culture has stayed at its relatively high levels.

Religion in Livorino is not incredibly prevalent but what religion there is, is mainly Eonism. Most identify themselves as a certain religion but not many are devout. Currently about 57% of the population is Catholic, 23% Atheist, 5.5% Islamic, 4.5% Protestant, 3% Hindu, 3% Bhuddist, and 4% are a smattering of other religions. The constitution of Livorino guarantees the right to religious freedom. The nation has no official religion though.

Name of City















Foreign Relations and Military

The Principality of Livorino places heavy emphasis on diplomacy and makes attempts to be friendly with all nations. The nation offers itself to hold any Diplomatic event that nations might need in Neutral territory. Along with that the nation looks upon itself as an open book, open to all, mainly as it is founded on Tourism.

Its military is quite small, depending mostly on Keomora for support. Most money in the defense budget goes to the navy and airforce.

Economic Indicators

Currency: The Yahratii (Yi)
Fiscal Year: July 22nd - July 21st

GDP (nominal): 184.44 Billion USD
GDP (nominal) per capita: 37,000 USD
Labor Force: 3,020,000
Unemployment: .2%

The economy of Livorino is rich in nature and highly developed. Almost completely based around the service industry with small amounts of information technology the economy is pretty much wholly tertiary, with no primary, and little secondary. The nation's currency is the griz, dating back to the mid-1800s.

Furthermore the GDP nominal is 73.44 Billion USD, equating to a GDPPC of 102,000. This is supported by a labor force of 620,000 with a small unemployment rate of .2% due to most jobs being stable and a demand for people in any role, which the government is happy to slot them into. As it stands the fiscal year for the nation goes from July 22nd to July 21st.

The government engages in free trade with any nation in order to keep products prices as low as possible for its citizens. This has allowed it to have taxes of 33% without complaint from citizens too much.


The Livoran Culture stems mainly from Kemori, although some cultures have made small injections into the nation's culture as more and more immigrants come from around the world.

The Livoran people are a more communal folk, loving any chance to spend time with friends or family. They are quite intelligent, taking every use of their education, but are a laid back culture. While they are hardworking when there is work to be done, they very much enjoy their leisure time.


The Livoran Cuisine is prominently Keomoran, although immigrants have lent additional cuisines from different cultures to the Livoran dish. Cuisine is a big part of Livorans' lives, fast food is no where to be seen on the islands and is viewed in a negative tone by all Livorans. If they cannot sit down to eat they can and will order take-out so they can sit down to eat. Generally Livorans don't like to eat alone for meals like Dinner and will either eat with family or friends.


Sports in Livorino are adored by almost all Livorans and most will go to a sporting event at least once a month. Major sports in Livorino are Association Football, MMA, Formula One Racing, Boat Racing, and Rugby. There is a Livoran national team for Football and Rugby which participates in many international games, and there are many individuals, national and international, that take part in MMA, F1, and Boat Racing. Other sports also take place but those are the major ones.


Infrastructure on each of the islands is highly developed as there is not much to take care of. In the cities there is subway systems and on the islands there are many cars, but many Livorans make use of public transport or carpooling, or even walking and biking.


Livorino derives all of its energy from renewable energy sources, hydroelectric, solar, and wind, plus a single nuclear plant on the island of Livorino. This is all able to live up to the demands of the power hungry populace with its large tourism industry.

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