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The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

“Democracy is a tool used to placate the masses” Katherine Karma

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Keomoran History Extreme Rough Draft/Very WIP

The Days of Dawn

The Unification War

The Fall of the Kingdom of Valankar sent a shockwave through the numerous political entities of the former Holy Kemori Empire. Perhaps the most influential was the marriage between Erethrain Karma, Prince of Benezandria and Alayne Peldain, Grand Duchess of Kalakarta, effectively uniting two of the strongest realms in Kemor. With a combined army Erethrain subdued the Principality of Arukhwain, with their prince, Oelin Ythwain bending the knee to the Karmic Prince after a year of warfare. However instead of killing him and destroying his house per Kemori Tradition, Erethrain decreed that all who bend the knee shall keep their title, if they prove their loyalty. Afterwards the Duchy of Mora, the Free City of Ralan, and the Confederacy of the Zar submitted to the House of Karma, enlarging their domain by a third.

The Edgy Fempire of Keomora