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The Edgy Fempire of Keomora

“Democracy is a tool used to placate the masses” Katherine Karma

Category: Civil Rights Lovefest
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Regional Influence: Diplomat

Location: The Western Isles



Ship Classes

Defiance-Class Shadow Carrier

The Symbol of the Keomoran Navy, the LinkPhoenix Class Battleship is the most advanced and final class of Battleships ever constructed. Ordered as fast battleships in 1939 they were completed in 1945 and fought in the Keomoran Civil War. During the Days of Iron they were placed in reserve and only avoided being scrapped due to their cultural and historical significance. Completely refit in 1980 the Phoenix Class Battleships were repurposed for naval bombardment and multipurpose defense. Stricken in 2006 they are expected to be recommissioned in 2016 with additional upgrades.

Aurora Class Cruiser

The Edgy Fempire of Keomora