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The Clampdown of Kaputer

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Location: Capitalist Paradise



The Clampdown of Kaputer

The Clampdown of Kaputer has long been a powerhouse in the Capitalist Paradise regional economy and government. Kaputer is a land of a hard working, intelligent, and prosperous population. Kaputer's national government consist of The executive branch also known as the Presidency, The Parliament, and the Judicial Branch. Kaputer is further separated into smaller districts with their own governments. The National Government does have supremacy in many issues as granted to it by the Kaputer Constitution. The literacy rate in Kaputer is near 100% with every child in Kaputer attaining at least 10 years of schooling before moving on into higher education, the trades, or military service in most cases. Kaputer's defense industry is the larger driver of the economy and one of the largest in Capitalist Paradise. Its biggest customers are Kaputer's military and the PMCs of Kaputer, however it also maintains impressive foreign sales. Kaputers military while used in the past as a primarily offensive expeditionary force has switched its primary role to defense of Kaputer and her allies and international peacekeeping. Kaputer still has a large expeditionary capability. Kaputer is known for its swift but fair justice system. Crime is relatively low in Kaputer thanks to a well funded police force as well as appropriate punishment. Kaputer has a large private school system which allows gives students and parents many choices, however a strong national education system still remains. Kaputer's primary source of energy comes from the many nuclear power plants throughout the nation.

So come visit Kaputer whether it be for a trip or to stay for a lifetime you won't regret it.

The Clampdown of Kaputer