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The United States of Kappacon

“오늘만 대충 수습하며 살자.”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
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Political Freedoms:
Widely Abused

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The North Pacific



United States of Kappacon

The United States of Eastland Kappacon


Official Flag

Motto: "오늘만 대충 수습하며 살자."
Let's live by sorting out things a day at a time.


NS Population: 913 million ▲ +5~7,000,000/日
Real-Life Population: 56 million ~Stagnating
-Density: 650 P/Kmē

Capital and largest city: Gyeongbaek

Official Language: Korean, English, Ainu

Recognized Languages: Korean, English, Ainu

Demonym: Kappaconian, Kaposkis, Eastlandians

Government: Federal parliamentary republic under an absolutely powerless monarchy
- 305th Jeonha: Mideul-Maeum (信 心)
- President: Choi-Aterui (崔 아테루이)
- Prime Minister: Hwang-Cheon (皇 天)
- Speaker of the House: Oh-Dae (吳 大)
- Chief Justice: Park-Gyeong (朴 京)

Legislature: The National Assembly
- Upper House: The Higher Assembly
- Lower House: The Lower Assembly

Establishment: from South Yeneva
Independence: September 14, 2019

Land Area:
72,492 kmē

Highest Point: Gi-roh Mountain
Lowest Point: Peul-Mi Plains

GDP (nominal): 70.5 billion USD
GDP (nominal) per capita: 86,000 USD

Human Development Index (NS Version): 74 (high)

Currency: Korean won

Time Zone: UTC+9 (Kappacon Standard Time)

- 61% Christianity
- 20% Buddhism
- 10% Shamanism/Ancestral Worship
- 9% No affiliation

Ethnic Groups:
- 86% Koreans
- 6% Han Chinese
- 4% Japanese
- 4% Russians/Ainus

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +88

Internet TLD: .kp

Date format: 0000年00月00日 (YYYY/MM/DD)

Kappacon or Eastland (Korean Hanja: 東國複合國家; dongguk boghab gugga) (literally. Country of the East) officially the United States of Eastland Kappacon, is a country in East Asia, lying in the North Pacific Ocean, taking close borders with Russia and Japan.

Kappacon includes seven provinces, all of which have fair weather. With 913 million inhabitants, Kappacon is medium-sized compared to other nations. The nation's government has a lack of authoritarianism due to its decentralization policy. Kappacon's capital is Gyeongbaek, which serves as the country's political, financial, and civilian capital. The country's other main cities are Yisun, Jeongso, Gangso, Sujong, and Goseong.