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National Flag

The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands

“Come dance with us.”

Category: Mother Knows Best State
Civil Rights:
Below Average
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Instigator

Location: Gypsy Lands



The New Gypsy Lands

Gypsy Lands was an old region back in the days when regions were all huge. There were over 200 nations in the old Gypsy Lands. Then the founder wanted to retire. He chose a fledgling nation to be the delegate and to keep Gypsy Lands going. But the older nations would not endorse the new nation, and consequently Gypsy Lands died. Ironically the fledgling nation--my puppet--lives to this day, while all the Gypsy Lands nations are gone.

The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands