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The One-Winged Rainbow Shark of Erinor

“Aras, Vrassas ir, khur Tyisici, Erineas cujide.”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Location: the South Pacific



Syaqin Aren: A Beginner's Guide, Part VII: Useful Phrases, Terminology and Examples


Lejarunem vusein! Short for Lyerim lejarunem vusein! Meaning ‘We greet you (all) very warmly!’

This format can be used for all combinations of speaker and listener, by changing the necessary endings.  E.g. Lejarunea vusu! ‘I greet you (fem.) very warmly!’

Equally common is to simply say ‘I greet you’, Lyero vusu! altering the endings as needed.

Very informally Alyero or even Alye can be used. These originate from the shout "A! Lyero!" (literally "Oy! You!") which was commonly made to get the attention of river bargemen on the Qassar Syiranad. It is rarely ammended for gender, unless someone is trying to make a point.

Khardar Lyeral Khumardo Khavico myevadeu susacrein. Literally ‘May (or let) your mountains (the mountains of you) never be darkened by clouds’.  This is commonly a follow on greeting and is considered a polite thing to say, although it is also often said with warmth between friends.

Introducing Yourself:

This is easy.  The form is simply to say 'My name is ....', e.g. Hyata Myonad Sireas suin - My name is Sirea. (Note that the name has changed case as it is the object of the sentence - a foreign name could be accepted as not changing case, although an Erinoran would make it do so, e.g. Hyata Lyerod Maiculos suin - Your name is Maiculo (Michael)).

Less formally one can use 'I am named', e.g. Sireas suhyatu.

Where a role or title must be given, 'I am' is acceptable, e.g. Sityaras Jukhirs Evedem su - I am the Angel of Foreign Affairs.

Government Terminology:

The leader of the Republic is known as the First - Ura’si, with a gendered ending, e.g. Ura’sia Yamera-Hyudo.
The deputy leader of the Republic is known as the Second - Asa’si, with a gendered ending, as above.

The cabinet is known as the Angels of Erinor, Sityarim Erinead. (Note the change in gender to reflect the group).
Each Angel governs a Court: Hrasyin.  This is what might be referred to in English as a Ministry. E.g. Hrasyin Jukhirs Macerem, the Court of Domestic Affairs.