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The One-Winged Rainbow Shark of Erinor

“Aras, Vrassas ir, khur Tyisici, Erineas cujide.”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: the South Pacific



Syaqin Aren: A Beginner's Guide, Part VI: Miscellaneous Particles and Sentence Structure


In, to and from are all inflected into the noun. Other prepositions, however, have single words which can then be related to a noun with the prepositional case.

On- ta
Into- vun
Beside- jo
Opposite- seva
Under- khyir
Over- khyur
With- anu


And- ir
Or- ur
And/or- uir

Miscellaneous words, phrases and idioms:

Yes- Aty
No Khin
(putting either of these at the very end of a sentence produces a yes/no question where u are expecting either a positive or negative answer, question words also go to the end of the sentence).

So f
Ago puris
That/Which (as in a 'that' clause) - erius

Sentence Structure:

Basic structure is SOV (subject object verb):
Verbs go to the end of the clause.
Accusative follow Nominatives.
Prepositions precede Nouns.
Adjectives follow their Nouns.
Adverbs precede their verbs.