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National Flag

The One-Winged Rainbow Shark of Erinor

“Aras, Vrassas ir, khur Tyisici, Erineas cujide.”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: the South Pacific



Syaqin Aren: A Beginner's Guide, Part IVc: Verb Vocabulary

The following verbs are all listed in stem form.

To abandon jecs-
To allow myev-
To awake catav-
To avenge haml-
To be s-
To be able fevos-
To beg fuper-
To begin av-
To bring riv-
To build cuj-
To carry jrun-
To come hras-
To create tacir-
To darken - sacr-
To destroy drekh-
To dream revar-
To eat map-
To end ruc-
To enjoy maj-
To find qid-
To fight khur-
To flourish resuv-
To flow qef-
To go val-
To govern - parl-
To greet - vus-
To harvest cyerw-
To have v-
To hover asav-
To keep - syem-
To kick cat-
To kill morc-
To know (general)- yan
To know (spiritual, or prophetic)- syonuyan-
To live viol-
To lose khan-
To love arl-
To name hyat-
To progress (to go on) taval-
To protect nam-
To read fer-
To revere fasal-
To rise uvir-
To rule recs-
To speak syaq-
To see ot-
To separate sakh-
To take danakh-
To trade - sirkh-
To wage war - marc-
To write nwaur-