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The Confusing Pegasus-Run Nation of Erferndern

“All hail Leader Horse!”

Category: Civil Rights Lovefest
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Regional Influence: Hermit

Location: The Grand Oof



National History

Erferndern was founded when the current leader, Myza Red, "borrowed" a fishing boat from a dock in New Yam while evading multiple international intelligence agencies for multiple accounts of accidental arson and theft of classified government records from multiple World Assembly leaders. They quickly crashed the ship along the coast of a small northerly landmass in internationally disputed territory on account of not knowing how to sail and not having a crew.

Upon being stranded, they were quickly elected mayor of a small town of less than a dozen citizens after helping to resolve an issue regarding a particularly bad wasp nest. Word of their minor heroism spread, and they were eventually elected the de-facto leader of the state-district, known then as The District of Heez, as the existing government refused to provide any real support or leadership over such a small and remote area with so few citizens.

After some months of helping the area, Myza jokingly stated in a radio interview, "Honestly, this lot should just declare independence." The local population quickly rallied around the idea, and a formal declaration was drafted by the members of Myza's cabinet for them to sign, which they did without actually reading, on account of it being piled in with a number of tax amendments. When asked about the new nation's name during a public address, Myza's confused muttering was interpreted by the crowd as "Erferndern", and the name stuck.

After some dispute with other governments in the regions bordering Erferndern, the nation declared its own independently governed region and founded The Grand Oof.